3 Ways to Encourage Others Year Round

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Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Birthdays are natural times of the year to think about others. I like to give gifts or write things in the card that encourage the recipient. Don’t you? But encouraging others doesn’t have to be, nor should it be, limited to these publicly endorsed times. 

Henry Ford once said that “the ability to encourage others is one of life’s finest assets.”

So let’s work on encouraging others more regularly. But besides the obvious way of giving a gift, what else can we do that shows our affection and thanks?  What are other ways to encourage those special folks in our lives?

If you don’t know about the 5 love languages, go here for an explanation. To order the book by Gary Chapman go here. “Talking” a specific love language to each person can make a big difference in how well each one feels loved and of course encouraged. 

Besides speaking love languages, here are three ways to encourage others. 

ONE. FAITH. Did you know that we can encourage each other by sharing our faith? “When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours, ( Romans 1:12, New Living Translation). In a face-to-face conversation, through electronic media, or with pen and paper, share about your faith with someone else.

  • Reveal how God has helped you in personal growth.
  • Tell how Scripture has helped you meet a challenge.
  • Go over a past sermon or Bible study and expound on the encouraging bits.
  • Expose how a faith crisis actually brought you closer to God.

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TWO. HOSPITALITY. What is hospitality? Merriam Webster says it is (1) generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests. (2) the activity of providing food, drinks, etc. for people who are the guests. Richard Krejcir adds to this by writing,  Hospitality is a willingness to share, with discernment, what God has given us, including our family, home, finances, and food.”   

Ever notice how you feel when given especially gracious hospitality? I feel welcome, liked, and special. I leave that person’s company feeling encouraged! I bet you do too. So today be hospitable by being generous and friendly to others with . . .

  • Food
  • Time
  • Family – Share your family with others.  Being with family (doesn’t even have to be your own) feels so comfortable and healing
  • Affection.

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THREE. PRAYER. I simply talk to God about someone.

Many times I let that person know I am praying for them. I am encouraged when others tell me. I tell them through a . . .

  • Text
  • Private Facebook message
  • Postcard or card
  • Phone call

Read other posts I’ve written on prayer. (1) Prayer Impacts Us in 5 Ways (2) 10 Benefits of Praying With a Group (3) Know Why God Answers Prayer?

Your Turn . . . What is your favourite way to give encouragement? Receive encouragement?

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