Friday’s Fave Five – Week 10, 2014

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FFF birds on a wireI was going to skip Friday’s Fave Five this week as it has been a whirlwind of activity. But Then I remembered that I am including the week it is in the title, and I didn’t want to miss a week.

Silly, I know.

But it got me to write down my list. So without further ado, here are my week’s favourite five things.

ONE. Birds on wires set to music. I saw a photo on Facebook of birds on a wire and I thought, “Cool, my friend Betty is part of FFF.” But when I looked at it closer I saw that it was birds on WIRES which were translated into musical notes and then a song. Go here for the song.  Go here for the TED talk. It is in Portuguese but you’ll be able to understand and I bet appreciate the live music at the end.

TWO. I just discovered magic erasers. How have I not heard of them before? Or more importantly, never used them before. One thing I really appreciate is that they don’t have a smell. And their cleaning power is amazing especially since you don’t have to use brute force to get things clean!!!

THREE. These magic erasers were used by folks from my Wednesday night group to spring clean our room. We cleaned the tables, chairs, window sills, door knobs, and light switches. Those tables LOOK great now. They were clean enough to eat off – although I am glad we all used plates (when we stopped for some pizza). Because then we would have had to clean them again. I was so surprised that we got the room done in one hour.

FOUR. This past Sunday I gave the message at church. Our senior pastor is in Africa helping with 2 pastors’ conferences and a retreat for a health clinic.  My title was Follow the Bubble When You Are in Trouble. I talked about the necessity of knowing the Word of God (James 22-25). I am not an enthusiastic up front speaker, but I did okay.

However, I had a blast doing word studies on words from this verse. One small example. The word “hearer” is talking about a person who audits a class. They don’t have to do the assignments, take the tests, know the material, or even listen well. We are told to not audit our Christian life but to do the homework with the intention of passing life’s tests well. We are told to be disciples not auditors.

I asked 2 ladies (Michelle and Kelly) to share how the Bible has impacted their lives. They both did an amazing job. In a nut shell, Michelle’s blood pressure came down and stabilized as a result of regular Bible reading. Kelly found her identity in the Bible and feels connected  to the church body.

FIVE. Answered Prayer. One of the things we do in our midweek small group is pray for one person. This week I was convicted that we don’t normally share the answers. So we shared some of our answers to prayer on Wednesday after we cleaned the room, had pizza, and before we started our lesson.

• Healing of a baby in utero.
• Fear left. Tangible peace for majour health concerns (2 said this).
• Unity restored between sisters – more than that, there was LAUGHTER again.
• Still here on Earth even though this person has a serious illness (almost 80 years old).
• Someone’s personal issue was resolved.
• Strength and several sources of unexpected financial help for one with a serious medical issue.
• Health Insurance.
• 3 new volunteers

Your Turn . . . Share an answered prayer or a Fave. You can do so in the comments. Or write a post and link up to Susanne’s blog, Living to Tell the Story


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  • 1. Faith  |  . at .

    Wonderful list of faves. I’ve used magic erasers for years!! Ever since they came out….they are very good for cleaning up black marks on walls, tires, counters, shoes. However, and this is the mom and teacher in me, please keep in mind that they do NOT actually CLEAN or take away germs like Lysol wipes, etc. but they are great for quick touch ups!! Enjoy your weekend!!!


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      I never thought of tires. The ways to use magic erasers are endless. I wasn’t sure if they were cleaners or not, Faith, so we rewashed all the tables with a bleach and water solution.


  • 3. Hazel Ceej  |  . at .

    I’m sure you did wonderful on your church message. The title is interesting too. Birds on wires music sounds lovely. Great set of faves.


    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      Thanks for the encouragement, Hazel. 🙂


  • 5. Joyful Reader  |  . at .

    I really enjoyed my visit here today! I too hated to skip this week even though I had a really tough week I came up with a list anyway! 🙂
    #4 – AWESOME!
    #1 – too funny!
    #5 – TOTALLY Awesome! God is so good!


  • 6. nikkipolani  |  . at .

    What an encouragement it must’ve been to hear the answers to these prayers. And I appreciate the metaphor of “auditing” versus true engagement and participation. Glad you stopped in to do the fives, whatever the initial motivation!


  • 7. Laura Lee Groves  |  . at .

    I enjoyed reading about your answered prayer on FB! My answered prayer? A sweet friend in China right now, picking up their adoptive daughter and son. So exciting. Your message sounds great! Have a good week ahead!



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