31 Days of Finishing 2014: Table of Contents & What it is About

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THE TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR 31 DAYS OF FINISHING: Below are the to-do tasks for October, 2014.

Day 1     Table of Constants and Landing Page (this page)

Day 1     Public Commitment

Day 2    Buying Hubcaps Without Driving Yourself Crazy

Day 3    Batch Tasks To Get More Done on Your To-Do List

Day 4    If the Answer Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Feel Compelled to Complete It

Day 5   Sometimes the Best Way to Finish Well is to Take a Break

Day 6   Music Makes the Time and Task Go Faster & Better

Day 7   I Changed my Mind

Day 8   Making a Movie of Completing Your To-Do Makes it Photo-Journalism

Day 9   Saving Money is a Great Motivator to Finishing

Day 10  Procrastinate by Doing an Equally Important To-do

Day 11   Do the FUN thing When It’s Super Hectic

Day 12   Done is Better Than Perfect

Day 13   Delegation is a Good Idea When You Don’t Know What You Are Doing

Day 14   Little by Little a Lot Gets Done

Day 15   Capture To-do Lists on Your Phone

Day 16   Give Some Love

Day 17    Advance Your Dream

Day 18   Pamper Yourself

Day 19   Share Your Life

Day 20  Be a Blabber Mouth and Listening Ear

Day 21  Do the Oldest Thing on the List

Day 22  Dejunk a Drawer

Day 23  Get Motivation From Your Roots

Day 24  Copy Some Moves

Day 25  Go on a Date

Day 26  It’s Party Time!

Day 27  Help Someone Else

Day 28  Do it for Charity

Day 29  Get Creative

Day 30  Tackle Paper Piles

Day 31  Do the Scary Thing


October had such promise. I wanted to write on many topics. Something cool like . . . 

  • 31 Days of Better Diabetes Management
  • 31 Days of Learning Spanish
  • 31 Days of Bucket List Quests
  • 31 Days of Becoming a Better Grandma
  • 31 Days of Letter Writing
  • 31 Days to Completing a Blue Jean Quilt
  • 31 Days of Reading the Whole Bible


But I have so many things on my to-do list (and who doesn’t), I felt paralyzed and couldn’t think about starting something new, even something I really wanted to do.  So I didn’t do the necessary prep work. I was all set to NOT participate.

Then I thought, why not use this month to finish things? I will spend 31 minutes each day finishing something on the to-do list that never quite makes the urgent MUST do today list. These to-dos are things that

  • pertain to the house like deep cleaning the dining room rug or decluttering the closet,
  • things that pertain to the car like clean out the trunk,
  • things that pertain to my personal life like buy several A1C kits
  • or are creative items like finish the snowman Christmas Stars.

I will write about that experience and share productivity tips. Maybe I WILL  USE some techniques that help me overcome overwhelm and DO DO DO. And it might motivate someone else to get a few of those secondary but still important tasks done too.

As I just came to this conclusion last night, I have not created a plan as to what will get done and when.

  • Some weeks I will spend multiple days (31 minutes at a time) until a sewing project is done, the closet is emptied of unused stuff, a song video for my grand-daughter is completed, or a diabetes friendly breakfast menu is formed.
  • Some weeks I will do something different every day like Declutter a Tub, Modge Podge a Book Cover, Steam Clean the Dining Room Rug, or Make Rice Game for Godson.
  • Some weeks there will be a theme. I.e. the first week all the tasks will be car related: investigate hub cabs, get chips fixed, fill up fluid reservoir, steam clean seats, etc.

Some tasks will clearly not take 31 minutes. I can choose to start another project and stop at the 31 minute mark or I can stop after it is completed and move on with my day. This is a play-it-by ear kind of project for the month of October.

To see what others are doing during the month of October, go to the Nester’s 31 Days: a writing challenge every October, every day    

Your Turn . . .

  • Want to join me in my “31 Minutes of Finishing” project during October?
  • The first week is “CAR”  Week. Do you have any car projects that you’ve neglected or have just plain ignored?
  • What will you do this week for 31 minutes each day?

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Backwards Thinking to a (Diabetes) Goal of Eating More Veggies 31 Days of Finishing – Day 1: Make a Public Commitment

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  • 1. Amanda  |  . at .

    Welcome to the 31 Days of Writing! I love the idea of working through the to do list! I think I’ll go through mine this month, as well! I picked just to blog every day so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with a specific topic. I’ll work in my to do list a couple of times a week, as well!


  • 2. CityChick  |  . at .

    Hey! We had similar 31 day “callings” :). I am focusing on 31 Days of Getting Things Done. Like you, my to-do lists are getting out of hand! So attacking them in little chunks is a great start. I like the idea of 31 minutes a day. Reminds me the Pomopdoro Technique. Cool.
    Enjoy your week. Hope ya get lots accomplished.



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