31 Days of Finishing – Day 7: I Changed my Mind and So I Got it Done

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Day 7: Reading the Owner's Manual . . . Have you ever read your manual?

Day 7: Reading the Owner’s Manual . . . Have you ever read your manual?

Do you always follow your to-do list? Or do you sometimes change your mind as to what you’ll do that day?

I don’t easily change my mind, but it happened today. I was all set to determine whether or not I need to get some chips fixed in my windshield. They are old, like 13 years old.

While doing internet research I came across a youtube video, Top 10 Mistakes Car Owners Make. It is only 6ish minutes so I gave it a listen. Below are the 10 mistakes (in a nutshell). Listen to the video to get more details.

  1. Get in car, start it up and drive right away.
  2. Start car, REV it up before engine warms up.
  3. Putting premium gas in a car that doesn’t need it.
  4. Change oil every 3,ooo miles.
  5. Don’t inspect car often enough (like lights and fluids and tires).
  6. Don’t check tire pressure (always check when temp changes 10 degrees).
  7. Don’t look at tires enough.
  8. Don’t check spare tire.
  9. Don’t read owner’s manual.
  10. Don’t know how to clean car properly.

Listening to this video prompted me to put three more items on my list: (1) Read owner’s manual. (2) Check my spare tire. (3) Find out how often I ought to change my oil.

So today’s to-do changed to (1) Read owner’s manual. I speed read through it since I knew most of the things in the book. I know these things since I’ve been driving for 40 years. (Wow, I am old!)

And some things do not pertain to me (anymore).

  • I will NOT be changing a flat (that’s why I have roadside assistance through my car insurance).
  • I will not be changing my own oil.
  • I won’t ever have to pass a test on the names of the gadgets under my hood. So I skipped those pages even though they were pictures. (tiny pictures though with tiny words – not a good combo for old eyes).
  • I don’t live in the ice or snow.

 I was surprised by all the warnings in the book, sometimes several per page. Here are a few:

  • WARNING: Do not use a seat belt for two people as it could result in death.
  • WARNING: Do not leave a child or pet unattended in a car as it could result in death.
  • WARNING: Do not change the seat position while the vehicle is moving as it could result in death.

These seem like common sense actions to avoid.

Do you know why it helps to turn on the air conditioner when the windshield is foggy? . . . To dehumidify the air. (I learned that tidbit.)

I did learn about two other things which I need to investigate. More things for the to-do list. I will write about them tomorrow.

Moral of the Story? Read your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual. It is a quick, readable read with lots of helpful information. It took probably an hour to speed read.

I wonder why it is not recommended reading in driver’s ed, when you take your written test, or with my car insurance paperwork when it is renewed every year? Good info there!

During this month of October I am joining LOTS of bloggers hosted by The Nester who will be writing every day about a topic. My topic is about finishing. I will spend 31 minutes each day on a to-do item (from the secondary list).

I will write about it and share any productivity tips I find helpful to FINISHING things.

Go here for the Landing Page with all the posts (which go live as they are written). The list is towards the bottom of the page. . . . Go to the following highlighted link for Day 8: Making a Movie of Completing Your To-Do Makes it Photo-Journalism

Your Turn . . .

  • Have you ever read your vehicle’s owner’s manual? Why or why not? If yes, what did you learn?
  • How did you do with your 31 minutes of finishing?

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