31 Days of Finishing – Day 15: Capture To-do Lists on Your Phone

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Day 15 - Non one could tell when I had finished with today's to-do item, but it sure made a difference for me.

Day 15 – No one could tell when I had finished with today’s to-do item, but it sure made a difference for me. . . . Yep, I STILL have a few CAR To-Do’s to do.

Do you have a to-do list on your phone? Does it contain all sorts of items from personal to work and all categories in between?

I found the Reminders app on my new phone right away and I loved it right away. I almost always have my phone with me. Anytime I remembered something to-do or someone asked me to do something, I dictated the item to my Reminders List. It sure helped me to get over the fear of forgetting something.

However that list got soooooo long and unwieldy. It was hard to look up things or find them quickly.

Then I realized that I could write more than ONE list and that I could choose the name for the list. I spent 31 minutes on today’s to-do organizing those lists. That is my current list in the photo.

Moral of the story? If your phone has such an app, use it. I LOVE having my to-do’s at my finger tips. It is so easy (now) to see what I have to do. It is easy to remind myself of these to-do’s. I KNOW I will get more done in a timely manner.

I may never go back to a paper to-do list again! 

I can see that I want to add a category – DREAMS. I have a few things (okay, a lot) on my “Dreams List.” I really want to make traction on these items. But these items don’t normally make my secondary list. Too busy. Too overwhelmed. Too unorganized to get it in. But it would be soooooooo awesome, if I completed them.

OKAY – after I complete this post, I am adding “DREAMS” and see what happens.

During this month of October I am joining LOTS of bloggers hosted by The Nester who will be writing every day about a topic. My topic is about finishing. I will spend 31 minutes each day on a to-do item (from the secondary list).

I will write about it and share any productivity tips I find helpful to FINISHING things.

Go here for the Landing Page with all the posts (which go live as they are written). The list is towards the bottom of the page. Go to the following link for Day 16: Give Some Love.

Your Turn . . .

  • If you have a to-do list (or three) on your phone, share how you organize it.
  • If you don’t have one on your phone, how do you keep all the categories organized and easy to find?
  • Do you have a “DREAMS” list? How good are you at doing something on that list on a regular basis?
  • How did you do with crossing something off your secondary to-do list?

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  • 1. Shellie  |  . at .

    I am so old school! I love my calendar I can write in & make my to do list on the side. I love checking things off with a pen! However, hubby makes fun of me for having a smart phone & not using the “smart” app! Lol


  • 2. hopeful50  |  . at .

    I am one of those weird people who don’t have a smart phone so I am still a paper-totin’ fuddie duddie and I love lists!!!!


  • 3. Christy Campbell  |  . at .

    oh my goodness, I have lists everywhere. While I love my apps, I’m still a fan of a scrap of paper or notebook as writing things down helps me process better than typing sometimes. That being said, I’ve started using Gneo for my to-dos and love it as it helps categorize things into urgent/important/not urgent/not important categories. (Which has worked really well for me!)


  • 4. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    So good to hear from you on my blog! Yes, I do remember you! I am so sorry about the diabetes – hope you’re able to get things stabilized. My mom and pastor’s wife had that, and it can be hard to get it regulated.

    I do like both the Reminders app and the Notes app. I do still jot some things down on a post-it note, though.

    Re the book I mentioned on Amazon – the link I had today, oddly, does have used ones at $25 and up, which is indeed high, but the one I used yesterday has them starting at $2 (plus shipping), with descriptions of exactly what the condition is. That is how I got my copy – I’d read it from our church’s lending library years before, and when I wanted to get my own copy, I found it there for just a few dollars. I am not sure what I did differently in my search to get two different links for used copies, but the cheaper ones are here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0664209009/ref=dp_olp_all_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=all


  • 5. mila furman  |  . at .

    This is great! I used to be soo good with lists and lately they are just overwhelming me!!!



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