31 Days of Finishing – Day 21: Do the Oldest Thing on the List

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Sometimes the next step is too scary  to take because of the unknowns. Despite my fer today I tackled one such scary step. Photo by Janusz Gawron.

Sometimes the next step is too scary to take because of the unknowns. Despite my fear, today I tackled one such scary step. Photo by Janusz Gawron.

Each morning as I drink my English Breakfast tea (extra hot) with enough milk to turn it a light caramel color, I empty my brain of what I want to accomplish. Sitting at my yellowed pine table with white spindle legs,  I write out an ideal version of my day in orange sharpie upon whatever scrap piece of paper I can find. I cross some to-do’s off as I put them on the correct to-do list on my phone. What’s left is what I have determined I will scale (finish) that day.

“With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.” Psalm 18:29.

I  have an onslaught of items on my secondary (and primary) list. More things than can be done in a day – a week is more like what it takes to finish off these items.  

And I always have one or two very old items on the list. Instead of that item being a conquered “visitor” on the list, it has become a bed-ridden, unwanted, house guest.

Sometimes if you wait long enough you won’t have to ever start and finish certain to-do’s. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long you wait, you just HAVE to do them. And in fact the longer you wait, the harder it gets to even start them.

So today I decided to do the oldest thing on my list.

Moral of the story? As I expected, I felt a sigh of relief at its completion. “Yay, Me” (as my granddaughter says). It really only took a little more than 31 minutes to get this done. At times like this, I wonder just WHY did I procrastinate?

But then I feel a prickle of uncertainty.  I am a little worried about the response to finishing this item. I now remember that I didn’t want to deal with what comes next.

I tell myself, “STOP, Me.”

 Don’t go borrowing trouble. Feel the relief, pride, and joy in a job that is done and done well. Tomorrow I can deal with what comes next.

If it does come.

During this month of October I am joining LOTS of bloggers hosted by The Nester who will be writing every day about a topic. My topic is about finishing. I will spend 31 minutes each day on a to-do item (from the secondary list).

Somehow I skipped posting this in October. So here it is, late but spell-checked and ready to read.

I will write about it and share any productivity tips I find helpful to FINISHING things.

Go here for the Landing Page with all the posts (which go live as they are written). The list is towards the bottom of the page.

Your Turn . . .

  • Do you have many old items on your to-do list?
  • Or are you good at finishing up the items on your list so that every day you get to start with a fresh list?

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