31 Days of Finishing – Day 29: Get Creative

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Day 29 - Getting creative always improves my mood and gives me more energy. This in turn makes me more productive at work and home. How do you recharge?

Day 29 – Getting creative always improves my mood and gives me more energy. This in turn makes me more productive at work and home. How do you recharge?

What creative items do you have on your secondary to-do list? Why don’t you make it a priority to get them done?

I really enjoy creating. It (almost) always gives me a lift like I’ve just had an emotional massage. However like many of us, I let my busy life high-jack my emotional needs. I sacrifice creating on the altar of “getting things done” or “mis-managed prioritizes.”

Moral of the story? My emotional well-being & energy level suffer when I don’t do creative things. When I neglect the following my life becomes burdensome: puffy paint, writing utensils, music, mod podge, books, or my camera.

So today’s 31 minutes involved a book and mod podge. Colour me happy. (or maybe mod podge me happy!)

I get irritated with book covers. I always take them off. Then I lose them. Or the cover gets crinkled which irritates me even more.

Today I decided to mod podge the book cover onto the book. The book, Hind’s Feet on High Places is one I received from a friend, Ann, in 1980. I’ve read it many times, And each time I thin out my book collection, this book is never in jeopardy of going to the Goodwill.

In fact, I will put reading this book onto my to-do list since I am reading classics the rest of this year. I didn’t tell myself I couldn’t re-read one of them.

Ahhhhh! I love a good “emotional massage.” You?

During this month of October I am joining LOTS of bloggers hosted by The Nester who will be writing every day about a topic. My topic is about finishing. I will spend 31 minutes each day on a to-do item (from the secondary list).

I will write about it and share any productivity tips I find helpful to FINISHING things.

Go here for the Landing Page with all the posts (which go live as they are written). The list is towards the bottom of the page.

Your Turn . . .

  • When was the last time you had an “emotional massage”?
  • Does being creative help or frustrate you more?
  • What creative item could you do that will give you more energy to do something you HAVE to do?
  • How’s it going with your secondary to-do list?

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  • 1. Melanie  |  . at .

    Hinds Feet on High Places is a favorite of mine…my husband gave it to me as a gift when were dating.


  • 2. Sarah Jo Burch  |  . at .

    I love your concept of “31 minutes!” Being creative definitely helps me (I say as I had to put down a knitting project in order to type this comment…) I’m a much more pleasant person to be around when I get to knit a little every day…


  • 3. claygirlsings  |  . at .

    I was just talking about this book on Monday with some friends. Great book – always worth reading again.



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