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Letter 12. Sending thanks and encouragement to a mom with a seriously ill teen. Graphic by Cécile Graat.

Letter 12. Sending thanks and encouragement to a mom with a seriously ill teen. Graphic by Cécile Graat.

Moms have a busy, stressful, tiring life under the best of circumstances. Add a seriously ill child to that mix and life becomes even busier, more stressful and tiring.

The thanks I am sending out today is to the mom of a teen who just dealt with her 2nd bout of cancer. The treatment is over and so far all looks GREAT. 

I sent a card to tell my friend “Thanks for letting me part of your support team.” And I told her the reasons I am proud of her.

  • You fought well for your girl.
  • You did what was needed.
  • You didn’t give up.
  • You took breaks when it was necessary.
  • You communicated with us.
  • You were real.
  • You trusted God.
  • You cried.
  • You were grateful.
  • You were and are awesome.

Of course there are stories behind each of the bullet points. And these are things we have talked about the last 6 months. I am hoping this short note will remind my friend of the miracles she’s seen. I hope it reminds her of how much her day-by-day faithfulness made a difference in this traumatic situation.

SHE DID IT! And so did her daughter.

I am writing at least 36 letters expressing my gratitude. And I want to pray for them on that day as well. Go here for the original post and list of recipients. I am writing about it here in hopes that it spurs someone on to write their own gratitude letters.

Your Turn . . . 

  1. Do you know someone who is caring for a person with cancer? Have you sent them a note telling them why you are proud of them?
  2. Have you ever received such a note? If yes, what was its impact, if any?

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