5 Things I Did in 2014 and Wish I Didn’t

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in three areas. Photo by Konrad Baranski.

I am disappointed with myself in five areas.                          Photo by Konrad Baranski.

Every January I like to recall the last year and assess how well I did and didn’t do. Below are five things in 2014 that fall into the “not well” category. I am also including my remedy for each fault.­­

In 2007 I reflected on the yer and wrote a similar post: 5 Things I Did in 2007 and Wish I Didn’t.

ONE. LET THE SCALE OVERTAKE MY LIFE. Finding out I had diabetes and other health ailments threw my thought-life into turmoil. My health was in serious trouble.

The doctor and diabetes nurse said I NEEDED to lose weight and keep it off. This would be one of the best ways to overcome the consequences of diabetes, etc. I did everything I could think of

Within 3  months my health dramatically improved. But I only lost 7 pounds. I tried for 3 more months. All numbers except for the scale were in the good to great range. But I was very, very, very discouraged.

I am sorry to say that I LET DISCOURAGEMENT beat me down and I gave up on being so diligent.

    • I let the high cost of strips prevent me from buying them and therefore I stopped testing as much.
    • I stopped walking every day. It didn’t help that I’ve misplaced my best motivational tool (my fitbit).
    • I stopped tracking my water intake.
    • I stopped writing down what I was eating.
    • I let myself have more “treats” than was good for me.

REMEDY FOR 2015. (1) I put my scale in the garage, I know that as long as I am doing what I need to do, eventually my weight will fall. (2) I am starting up again with being diligent. Some of those actions are the opposite if the above list. (3) I am becoming active again in B.U.F.F. This is a diabetes Facebook support group.

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TWO. STAYED UP TOO LATE. I almost always get a burst of energy in the evenings. It is easy for me to stay up late doing projects, reading, internet researching and pinning, or watching shows on Hulu.

When I stay up too late I am not able to get all the rest I need on a consistent basis. This negatively impacts my health, motivation, and daily routines. It is harder to get things done and to maintain an energetic, positive mood.

REMEDY FOR 2015. (1) I am going to track this again. (2) I wrote a note on my bathroom mirror, “Go to bed by 10,” as a visual reminder.

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THREE. STOPPED READING THROUGH THE BIBLE. I became a Believer 40 years ago. I achieved my goal of reading through the Bible almost every one of those years. However 2014 was not one of the years I did so.

I always do my Bible studying for whatever small group I am a part of. However, “just reading” through the Bible accomplishes something different from studying the Bible (for me). When reading I am alert for whatever pops up; I don’t have an agenda. Also this type of reading helps reinforce the flow of content of the whole book I am reading.

REMEDY FOR 2015. I had an 11 day Christmas vacation this year. My plans to go away didn’t happen, so I had a staycation. One of the things I did was to read the New Testament in chunks of time.

So far I’ve read Matthew – John. Today I will start in Acts. Because of the time I spent reading, I am ahead of schedule, and that always motivates me to stay on task.

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FOUR. DIDN’T MAKE ENOUGH TIME FOR FRIENDS. Like most of you, I have a busy schedule. And I let that busy schedule keep me from spending time with friends. I regret not having more fun, walks, heart-to-heart-chats, prayer, and creating (baking, sewing, etc) with my friends.

REMEDY FOR 2015. I am scheduling “dates” with my friends. I have already done this with 3 of them and have had several dates.

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FIVE. FORGOT ABOUT EATING FISH TWICE A WEEK.  (Not every goal has to be huge and difficult to achieve,) In 2013, I made it a goal to eat fish twice a week. I rocked that goal most weeks. And I started 2014 doing well too. But then I forgot all about it until last week (January 2015). I was talking to my daughter about my diet and remembered that goal. I am not sure when I stopped eating fish.

REMEDY FOR 2015. (1) I will go grocery shopping this weekend and purchase FISH. (2) I will make up a menu plan that lists fish for dinner or lunch. (3) Anytime I go out to eat, I will have the fish option (when available).

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 Your Turn . . . 

  • What did you do last year that you wish you didn’t?
  • Share your plan to correct that this year.

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