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I haven’t participated in Friday’s Fave Five since last March when I found out I had diabetes T2 and some other health issues. I have been spending my time and energies dealing with my health. But I have missed thinking about and writing my FFF’s. So that is what I am doing today.

  1. This row of salad perfectly complimented the lasagna and foccacia bread.

    This row of salad perfectly complimented the lasagna and focaccia bread.

    Staff Appreciation Dinner – Last week the Governing Board from church (where I work), had a dinner to show their appreciation. The dinner was quite delicious and beautiful. And the 3 desserts were all quite decadent. And even better was the conversation. I am grateful to work in such a place where appreciation is not rare.

  2. 2 Oscar movies – One thing on this year’s list of 57 Things To Do is to watch the Oscar nominated movies for best picture. A friend, Pam, joined me in watching The Imitation Game and Selma. I am grateful to have a friend who is willing to join me in this quest of mine. And I am grateful for gifted men like Alan Turing and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr who both made a huge impact on our world.
  3. Photo of me with one of the gals (Mary) from my church.

    Photo of me with one of the gals (Mary – left side) from my church.

    MLK walk. On Monday members of my church joined 28,00 other people as we walked from Sac City College to the Capitol in memory of Dr. King and his work (about 5 miles). Since I had just seen Selma the day before, this walk was especially meaningful to me. I am grateful for the many, many folks who sacrificed during the Civil Rights era so that the US could be a more equal union. I know this work is not done yet, but if these 28,000+ are any indication, we have folks who are willing to keep on keeping on in this battle for racial unity.

  4. Found my Fitbit. During the Christmas season I placed my Fitbit in a safe place, but I couldn’t remember where that was. Yesterday I found it on the dining room table on TOP of a pile. I live alone and have no idea how it got there. I am grateful that no matter how it got there, it was found. And I know it will help me get back on track to walking 10,000 steps a day which will positively impact my diabetes management.
  5. Reading on my Tablet. Another thing on my 57 Things To Do is to read more this year. I was re-gifted a tablet and it is an awesome way to read. In the past 2 weeks I have read Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption and am now reading a book about (the Apostle) Paul: A Man of Grace and Grit. I am grateful for this anonymous person who re-gifted this device to me. I am finding it very useful for reading and social media. I imagine I will find other uses for it, too.

So that’s my top five list for this week. What is on your list? Go to Living to Tell the Story to read more such Faves and to link up your own post of FFF’s:

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  • 1. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    I am sorry to hear about your diabetes diagnosis and health issues. Hope you’ve found a good balance with the diabetes and are doing better.

    Unbroken is one of my all-time favorite books ever.

    That appreciation dinner is a wonderful idea.

    Glad you found your Fitbit!


  • 2. Jerralea  |  . at .

    Good to see you back, Susan! I was re-gifted an IPad a couple years ago. I really enjoy it, I’m sure you will love yours, too.

    Sorry to hear about the diabetes. Walking 10,000 steps a day seems like a good way to manage it.


  • 3. Faith  |  . at .

    so sorry you are dealing with some negative health issues but yay for finding your FitBit!!! I just received the wrist flex one for Xmas from my husband. I LOVE it!! I love working out but the reason I wanted it was to record how many miles I hike from March until November each year. I can’t wait for hiking weather to begin again!! It sounds like you had a lovely week…glad to see you are back to doing the FFF!


  • 4. Dianna  |  . at .

    It is a blessing to work in a space that workers are appreciated. I’m so glad you have such a space, Susan.

    It sounds as if you have had a great week! I hope your health is continuing to improve.


  • 5. nikkipolani  |  . at .

    Nice to see you back among the five favers, Susan. I hope you feel that you are making some progress dealing with your diagnosis. Health problems have a way of getting our attention! Hurray for your found Fitbit and meeting your goals.


  • 6. Susanne  |  . at .

    I am so glad to see you back. Sorry for the diagnosis but it sounds like you worked really hard on dealing with it all. I am reading lots of good things about fitbits. I may just have to break down and buy one. What a blessing to have a friend jump in to do those kinds of things with you! I want to see both of those movies too.


  • 7. Willow  |  . at .

    I too am glad to see you are back doing FFFs–even though I am very late getting around to read and comment.
    Walking daily will certainly help you manage your diabetes. About the fitbit–undoubtedly the impish fairies has been messing with you 🙂



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