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Cindy. Monique, and me . . . After we graduated from William Jessup University

Cindy. Monique, and me . . . Several years after we graduated from William Jessup University

Going to school as an adult was a different experience than going as a child. As a child, school attendance was my only “job.” It was my focus, fun and (majour) social circle.

Going to school (university and then seminary) as a mature student was not fun, was not my only focus, nor was it my majour social circle. Even though it wasn’t my major social circle, it was one of tremendous importance. I was going through an acrimonious divorce and worked hard to keep myself together and in school. There were many times when I wasn’t sure that I would be at school the next month. Some of my classmates helped me to make it month after month after month until I made it to graduation (2 times).

I am grateful for these ladies and men. Their continued prayers, acceptance, example and words of encouragement helped me to keep on keeping on. I sent a card to one of these former class mates. Cindy was especially gentle, prayerful, and loving towards me. I will be forever grateful to Cindy’s impact on my life. Her tenacity in reaching out to me, helped me to be tenacious in completing my goal (graduation).

I am writing at least 36 letters expressing my gratitude. And I want to pray for them on that day as well. Go here for the original post and list of recipients. I am writing about it here in hopes that it spurs someone on to write their own gratitude letters.

Your Turn . . . Is there a classmate (former or current) who has made a huge impact on your life? Have you ever told her/him? Why not do so today?

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  • 1. jandwblog  |  . at .

    I love the idea of taking the time to write letters of gratitude to people who have made a difference. It is so easy to be grateful, but never express it.


  • 2. Anita Ojeda  |  . at .

    How awesome that you’re continuing with your letters of gratitude! I recently wrote a letter to one of my dearest friends from college–she really did make my freshmen year so much easier to bear!


  • 3. Martha  |  . at .

    great idea, I’ve been counting gifts that I’m grateful for this takes it a step further to truly appreciate the people we are grateful for thanks for the idea.


  • 4. debrajan1517  |  . at .

    I think this is fabulous! We need to encourage others – very, very important!



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