3 Ways I Made My Day Special on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day and even the whole week is hard for some. It can be hard whether you are in a relationship or not. For many there is rejection baggage connected to this festive day.

I know. For years I’ve had issues with this holiday. It was 14 years ago, the weekend after Valentine’s Day, when my (now former) husband told me he wanted a divorce. So for many years I’ve relived that rejection every Valentine’s Day. Now I don’t feel that pain.

I did three things.

  1.  I concentrated on telling myself the truth. I am not perfect but I am lovable. God, the Bible, and important, healthy people (in my current life) tell me so.  . . .  I have a list of Bible verses that I frequently read.  . . . I practiced believing people when they complimented me.  . .  .  I went to therapy and coaching to sort out the lies from the truth.  . . .  I also did the things mentioned in this post: 20 Ways I Handled My Breaking Heart (from divorce)
  2. I made different memories on Valentine’s Day and week. It helps that one of my nieces was born on February 14th. Each year we have an ice cream waffle breakfast and a family dinner that night. I also do special things for myself that week  . . .  craft . . . watch Oscar nominated movies . . .  and spend more time with folks who LIKE me.
  3. I made other people the focus. . . .  I sent kiddy Valentine’s cards – because they are silly people smiled when they opened them up. . . .  I did Random Acts of Kindness. . . .  I called up some folks I haven’t talked to in a while.

Read the post 5 Ways to Make Someone’s Day.

Your Turn

  • What is your attitude regarding Valentine’s Day? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
  • If it is thumbs down, what can you do to change your perspective and thus feeling about this week and day?
  • What action step will you take today?
  • Go read this Anti-Valentine’s Party post. This could be a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day.

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  • 1. newscindy  |  . at .

    I’ve been married for over 36 years. Sometimes we make a deal out of Valentine’s Day, sometimes we don’t. But I love how you turned it around and made it about others. Great ideas!


  • 2. hopeful50  |  . at .

    This is what I call making lemonade out of some pretty sour lemons – way to go!


  • 3. karrileea  |  . at .

    Oh I love this! I am a lover of Valentine’s Day because for most of our marriage, we have made it about Love – not exclusively ‘romantic’ love – but in general… we include the whole family and look for others to love on through out the day/week/month… I love your 3 Things… great advice and tips!


  • 4. Messy Mom  |  . at .

    I am so sorry to hear that that happened to you. How awful 😦 I am like the first comment. Some years it’s a big thing, but I certainly don’t expect anything. If we don’t celebrate I am fine with focusing on each other the other days of the year.



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