Friday’s Fave Five

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HEART FFF graphicTime to share this week’s favourite blessings.

One. Celebrating new life. On Sunday we had 7 baptisms. Kids, tweens, teens, and adults took the plunge. The sermon (how to handle financial worry) and music rocked! I was grateful for the celebration and being able to be part of it.

Two. Take a meal, hold a baby. No, I don’t cook much anymore. When I cook it apparently means means someone died.

However I am good at getting food to go. Like this week I took 2 pizzas (one of them was heart-shaped and pepperoni) to a family with a new baby. I was BLESSED because I got to hold the precious little guy. Mama, baby and family are adjusting well.


Most of the evening Fluffy sat on my lap enjoying the attention I gave her. And I was grateful for her attention to me.

Three. Cat love. Wednesday night I was at Marsha’s again for soup, salad, and a movie. One of Marsha’s cats has taken a shine to me. Where ever I was, that is where Fluffy was. And she didn’t even bite me this time.

Four. Motivational tool. Have you heard of Give it 100? Go to this website and sign up to work on a project for 100 (or more) days. Every day you post a 10 second video about your progress.

I am on Day 43 of blogging. My goal was to declutter or finish 40 of my draft posts. I started with 276 – I LOVE to start. I am down to 97. I have missed 2 days and still managed to BEAT my goal. I am thankful this tool is motivating me beyond my imagination.


I can’t believe how BIG Lennon is getting. And I am grateful I get to be part of this family’s life.

Five. Home made meal and a movie. Nope, I didn’t cook, but my godson’s mom did and had me over.

Before dinner I helped Lennon with his Valentine’s Day cards. He wrote his name and I wrote “you.” Evidently the kiddos weren’t supposed to write each other’s names in the “To” field.

We had Crockpot Paleo Thai Stew with riced cauliflower. YUMMMMM. We all ate everything on our plates.

After dinner we watched my godson’s favourite movie, Mr. Peabody & Sherman. This is a movie I would watch again. I loved all the cultural references.

Your Turn . . . Now that you’ve read my fave five from this week, don’t you want to write and post your own list? If yes, go to Living to Tell the Story to link up.

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  • 1. Gattina  |  . at .

    I cook less and less too ! In the past I loved to cook, but now it’s rather a burden !


  • 2. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Wonderful to hear of the new baptisms!

    Good for you on getting your blog draft count down!

    I enjoyed that movie as well. I didn’t think I would – I didn’t like the trailers I’d seen – but it turned out to be good.

    It’s odd they can’t write the names of kids they’re giving Valentine’s to. I used to spend a great deal of time choosing just the right Valentine for the right person in school. 🙂


  • 3. jerralea  |  . at .

    Sounds like you had a fabulous week! Especially the holding the baby part.

    And 7 baptisms, wow! The most I ever got to experience at once was 5.


  • 4. Ellen  |  . at .

    Baptisms are one of my favorite things. That’s cute…take a meal hold a baby. I get to do that this next week. Sounds like you found some good things to enjoy this week. Have a wonderful weekend!


  • 5. Susanne  |  . at .

    You had 276 draft posts? Holy Toledo! I never thought to start posts and draft them at the rate of more than one but I suppose it’s a great way to jot down ideas that can be expanded and worked out at later times. Good for you for working on them so hard! Yipee for all the new baptisms. Such a wonderful and meaningful time in a believer’s life. What a cutie your godson is!


  • 6. nikkipolani  |  . at .

    I see your godson’s mom is using Danielle’s recipes — they are great for grain-free food. Like Susanne, I was amazed you had so many drafts to post! Glad that you have cleared more off the deck 😉


  • 7. Willow  |  . at .

    Wow–that’s a lot of drafts…but that reminds me to scroll back through and see how many I have. 🙂
    I think the soup, salad and movie nights are great!



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