Friday’s Fave Five

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Some ministry and personal milestones happened this week which I also mentioned last week. We finished missions week and I had more birthday celebrations. I am looking for this week’s five favourite things because of a meme that Susanne from Living to Tell the Story does each week. Join us in sharing your week’s blessings.

Most adorable and tasty birthday dessert ever. The fruit on the Popsicle stick is 2 raspberries.

Most adorable and tasty birthday dessert ever.

ONE. GREAT BIRTHDAY FOOD. Again I had ice cream and waffles for breakfast although this time it was for MY birthday. And for MY birthday dinner we ate steak salad!

My niece made the most gorgeous dessert: dark chocolate covered fruit with a side of real whipped cream and more berries.  The fruit on the Popsicle stick is 2 raspberries.


There were 13 beautifully decorated tables. I sat at this table and our hostess, Rima, was a first timer and was awesome.

Rima used her grandma’s china. Gorgeous!

TWO. MISSIONS TEA. Oh, my, I could do an FFF just on the Tea! And I probably will.

Our speaker, Marcia, spoke on an oxymoron of God’s love: how we are protected by God and yet know we will suffer. Marcia is a senior citizen who has worked, mainly in Africa, for the past 36 years. She has seen PLENTY of protection and suffering and still loves, worships, and serves God.

My hostess, Rima, was one of 13 hostesses. She did an awesome job making us feel welcome & coordinating food for our table.


Go Giants! The game went into overtime to break a tie score. And then it was suspended because it got too dark to finish.

THREE. BASEBALL GAME. I attended a game because one of the players (who attends my church) invited me. I was surprised at how small the ball looked.  I’ve never attended a Little League game before. My kiddos were into soccer and softball.

It was FUN watching and cheering.

And I found a job that I want to have. I want to be in charge of the lights on the scoreboard. It would be even cooler if I could also be in charge of the fireworks when there is a home run. Although they  don’t have fireworks at Little League games, they should.


John's theology of pain has helped me to go though my own dark times better. It was awesome to be able to meet one of my spiritual heroes.

John’s theology of pain has helped me to go though my own dark times better. It was awesome to be able to meet one of my spiritual heroes.

FOUR. JOHN STUMBO VISITED. John is the president of our denomination. This week about 30 pastors and C&MA workers gathered at my church to meet with him. John encouraged us from 2 Corinthians 4, asked us questions about our ministries, and then he and another pastor prayed and said a blessing over each of us.

I first heard about John in 2009 when he was a pastor at an Alliance church in Oregon. He went through a mysterious and severe illness, that looked terminal, which God eventually delivered him from. I wrote a post about it here: Peace and Hope While in the Depth of Pain – John Stumbo’s Story

My online group helps e to not dunk my head.

My online group helps me to not dunk my head. This cartoon was found on

FIVE. HEALTH SUPPORT. When I was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago, I knew I needed support, lots of it. So I started a Facebook group called B.U.F.F.

We are B.U.F.F. stands for Brilliantly Utilizing Friends & Facts to combat diabetes. We use these two avenues to move ourselves towards a healthier lifestyle where diabetes doesn’t rule. We do!

At times I do really well at managing my health and other times not so well. When I am doing well, it is in part because of this support group. I am figuring out what works especially when allergies are hitting me so hard! This group encourages me to stay the course even though my numbers don’t always reflect my hard and diligent work.

FFF springPlease share your blessings by writing and linking your own FFF or share a blessing in the comments.

Happy FIRST day of spring especially to you folks where there is still some snow.

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Friday’s Fave Five Babette’s Feast Shown on Tuesday, June 30

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  • 1. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Wow, that chocolate covered fruit looks scrumptious, and the steak salad sounds great. The missions tea sounds like quite a blessing. We used to have a lady who had retired after 40 years in Indonesia who spoke at our ladies’ group regularly where we used to live. I love hearing from those who have walked with God so closely so long.

    I don’t have diabetes, but my blood sugar readings have been a little high the last few times and my doctor is warning me I need to do something about it now. It sounds silly to say I know I need to and plan to but keep not getting to it, especially as I watched what my mom went through with Type 2 diabetes.


  • 2. Faith  |  . at .

    Oh yummy!! chocolate covered fruit! I love fruit and sometimes I do dip it in Nutella…how fun to have that as a birthday treat! and waffles and ice cream?? WOW! I gave up eating ice cream except once in awihle in the summer months…I try to stick to the fat free frozen yogurt, which thankfully, we have a nice shop here in town that features it. I’ll have to check out your guest preachers story…sounds intriguing!! Which denomination are you? You mentioned Alliance…is that Christian Missionary Alliance? my youngest sister attends that kind of church. My church is an inter-denominational Evangelical one…we have all sorts represented in our congregations. Happy Spring, Susan!! and Happy Belated birthday!


  • 3. Willow  |  . at .

    I worked with many C&MA people in Papua, Indonesia! And my bro attends a C&MA church in Oregon. I’m glad you are finding a great community as you work on your health.
    And Happy Birthday!


  • 4. Susanne  |  . at .

    Sounds like you have had a very full week. That chocolate covered fruit….Yum! A group of supportive people who understand what one faces when diagnosed with a life changing thing is such a blessing. That is wonderful that you started one.


  • 5. blessedmama3  |  . at .

    Susan, your birthday dessert looks divine! Lucky girl. I know what you mean, when you were discussing your diabetes, about not seeing the results, despite your hard work. I feel the same way about my weight loss journey. Sigh, we’ll just have to encourage each other, sister. 🙂



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