Friday’s Fave Five (July 24, 2015)

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Hurray, today is Friday and so it is time to share five blessings from the last week. Read on and then comment with your own blessings.


I bought this at WalMart.

ONE. Chocolate that doesn’t spike my blood sugar. Since I am a diabetic, I am careful (most of the time) about what I consume. And when I find a chocolate I can safely eat, I am BEYOND happy. My favourite brand is Green & Black’s Organic Dark chocolate. I usually eat the one with 85% cacoa content. This week I ate the one with 60% cacoa and peppermint. YUMMMM.

Since I like nuts with my chocolate I also had a handful of pecans. Salted almonds are just as tasty. The nuts help to keep my blood sugar at a better level. Dark chocolate is such a satisfying treat that I don’t have to eat the whole bar in one sitting. I can actually eat it at the recommended “dose” (2.5 servings per bar).

Your Turn . . . Do you have a fave chocolate bar?

TWO. New Pj’s. I am not very fashion conscious and I don’t like to shop. So I have had the same pajamas for the past 10 years.  I wear these year round. They are okayish looking, but I was ready for a change and something cooler. So my daughter and I headed to her favourite thrift store: Thrift Town. Viola. Within half an hour I found some stylish and light weight jammies and at a GREAT price – $6.00. This was a win-win-win situation.

Your Turn . . . Is there some item in your wardrobe that could use a fashion makeover? If yes, what? Have you found any great deals at a thrift store (or retail store) lately?

THREE. Creating an Ideal Weekend. Up til now, I’ve thought of my weekend as a time to get caught up with life before it starts off the next week at a gallop. Then I read this post and I had an ah ha moment, 7 Steps to Create Your Ideal Weekend – Every Weekend. I LOVE this idea. (Okay, I am probably slow to not have thought of this before.) So this week I am pondering what it means to have an ideal weekend and making up my list.

Your Turn . . . Do you plan for your weekends to be ideal? What things would go on your ideal weekend list?

FOUR. Answered prayer and a new adventure. My daughter is starting a new job on Monday at Yosemite National Park. We are not entirely sure what she’ll be doing, but come Monday, she’ll know. She excited to start this new adventure and we are both relieved that this 2.5 month search is at an end.

Your Turn . . . When was the last time you went to Yosemite? Is one of your kiddos about to embark on a new adventure?


I always PILE on the toppings. I have discovered that I don’t like spinach and raw onions on a pizza only cooked for 180 seconds.

FIVE. Gluten-free pizza with goat cheese. My daughter has food allergies and lots of times it is HARD to eat out (without getting sick or finding a place that has good options). This past week my daughter and I ate at Blaze Pizza TWICE.

It is an assembly line ordering sysyem. You choose your dough (gluten-free is an option), sauce, cheeses (goat cheese is an option), meats and veggies. Then it is popped into the oven for 180 seconds. And OHHHHH, Yummmmmm.

I usually get 2 meals out of this. And as long as there is LOTS of meat on the pizza, my blood sugar stays at a reasonable number.

NOTE: Blaze does not have a dedicated area for making the dough or cooking the pizza. So some folks might not want to order pizza here if their bodies are more sensitive than my daughter’s is.

Your Turn . . . What is a new restaurant fave of yours? If you have food restrictions, how do you deal with eating out?

FFF springAlright, these are my FIVE BLESSINGS. To read more or to link up with link-minded folks, go to Susanne’s blog where this weekly meme is hosted: Living to Tell the Story.


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Friday’s Fave Five Friday’s Fave Five (July 31, 2015)

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  • 1. Elizabeth  |  . at .

    I feel so special to be mentioned repeatedly in your FFF. Thanks mom! Except for the pjs we share the same highlights for the week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      How fun to see you here, Elizabeth. It was a great week with you.


  • 3. Faith  |  . at .

    What a fun list of faves!! I don’t really eat pizza all that much anymore but my fave is ham with pineapple on top although I don’t eat ham all that much anymore either! (I’m trying to become a pescatarian….i think i might have spelled that wrong….a fish only plus fruits/veggies’grains kind of person anyways. I cut out beef a year ago August. and im SOOOO glad I did. Just because it is full of fat! even the low fat still has way more fat than bison! Bison even has less than chicken! Never been to Yosemite but it’s on our bucket list for if we ever go back to the west coast. Yes I need new fall sweaters…..I”ve had the same ones for years….will wait until time for back to work shopping at the end of august. Ideal weekends in Winter are a family movie night, dinner out, church, and lots of reading time inbetween chores. Ideal weekends in Spring, summer and autumn are a hike either up a mt or in the deep woods, biking, kayaking, swimming at one of the lakes, reading on my deck, dinner on the deck, ice cream out with the fam and mini golf. Loved your faves this week!! and chocolate??? hm…my absolute fave is the kind from Sweden but i can’t remember the name of it…my daughter first introduced me to it. Dark with hazlenuts. YUM have a good weekend!!!


    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      If I eat a specialty pizza, it is ham and pineapple!

      I have never eaten buffalo. There is a burger joint in town that serves this. Going there for that burger is on my bucket list.

      I like how you’ve split up your ideal weekends according to season. Great idea! I am going to incorporate that idea into my list.

      Good luck on finding new fall sweaters. When I lived in a place that had cold weather, I liked getting new sweaters.

      I will check into the choc from Sweden. Sounds like a winner!


  • 5. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Glad you found something to satisfy that chocolate craving but keep your blood sugar stable. I don’t eat candy bars much unless we have Hershey’s miniatures in the house. I like the Mr. Goodbars plus the plain Hershey’s milk chocolate bar.

    Weekends used to be catch-up for me with housework and errands, but lately I try to get as much of that kind of thing done during the week as I can so weekends are free for other things or just more restful.


    • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

      I have to admit that I do like Mr Goodbars too. But it has been a LONG time since I’ve indulged in one.

      I want my weekends to be more relaxing too and more special people focused. That is what I will be working on for my list.


  • 7. smkelly8  |  . at .

    So glad you found the right chocolate, a true blessing, and new pj’s. If you wear them for 6 years that’s 60¢ per year! I love bargains.


    • 8. susan2009  |  . at .

      I like how you think regarding the cost per year for my new jammies. lol. They seem like an even better bargain when thought of that way.


  • 9. Susanne  |  . at .

    How fun for your daughter to be starting work in a national park! Yosemite is on my bucket list and hopefully one day we shall make it there! My wardrobe got a bit of a makeover this spring and summer as I lost some weight and nothing fit well anymore. I got lots of stuff on spring and summer clearances so I felt good about that.


  • 10. a spirit of simplicity  |  . at .

    I am sensitive to gluten so this pizza place sounds wonderful! How fun to work at Yosemite! That will be a job she will remember no matter what she ends up doing.


  • 11. Gattina  |  . at .

    Fortunately I am not a chocolate fan, only occasionally. It must have been at least 25 years ago when we visited the Yosemite park ! It’s very beautiful !


  • 12. Willow  |  . at .

    I’m super late commenting this week. But I loved your faves and your questions!
    1. Trader Joe’s Organic 73% dark chocolate!!
    2. My pjs are pathetic 🙂
    3. Ideal weekend–Saturday am farmers market, hiking in the afternoon, with coffee afterward. Sunday church, then lunch with friends or family.
    4. Yosemite? I know I was there with my parents in the early 1970s…
    5. I eat a plant based whole food diet—think vegan, no sugar or oil added. It’s tough to eat out, but I have a few places that work for me. My fave is Sharky’s, a Mexican fresh food place which is mostly local to our county, just now creeping into LA County.



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