Friday’s Fave Five (August 7, 2015)

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“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Whether my heart is feeling big or small, once I start listing my “gratitudes,” that list grows and grows. Below are just 5 items (and a bonus) from this past week that were captured on my gratitude list.

pumpkin cakeOne. New Recipe that is Gluten-Free & full of pumpkin. I am always on the prowl for an easy, quick recipe that allows my taste-buds to feast but not spike my blood sugar. This pumpkin cake recipe fits the bill.  Even though it is called “cake”, it is also a great item for breakfast or a snack.

Two. Something that encourages my reading. While reading Barb‘s site (from Stray Thoughts) I came across information about an Austen in August Reading Challenge. As I found it in time to start with everyone else and I was on vacation to and had plenty of time to read, I decided to join in.

I am currently reading Mansfield Park. I am soooo confused as to who is who. I hope I will like this book better as I muddle through it.

cinnamon waterThree. Delicious addition to drinking water. I am also always looking for ways to make my water more interesting so that I can consume my daily allotment. Evidently at the WoodSpoon restaurant in Los Angeles, you can get cinnamon drinking water. Cinnamon is reported to help keep blood sugar levels low, so of course I had to try this. And it is a keeper of a recipe that makes the house smell divine. It is also easy to make: simmer one cinnamon stick with 1 cup of water. Chill. Drink.

chilled Starbucks cardFour. A surprise in the butter keeper. When I gathered the ingredients for the above pumpkin cake recipe, I went to the butter keeper (in the fridge) to grab a stick. And to my surprise there was a chilled Starbucks gift card nestled among the sticks. I texted my daughter about my discovery and asked if it was from her. (It was just as likely that in a “senior moment” I had put it there.)

And, YES, it was from her! What a lovely surprise to find AFTER she’d gone away to her new job in Yosemite.

Five. Relief! Under advisement from my doctor I doubled (very slowly) my diabetes medication (Metformin). As the time progressed (4 weeks) I felt worse and worse (intestinal distress, fatigue, nausea). It wasn’t until about the 4th week that I thought it could be the medication.

Now my system is clear of the offending substance. My intestines and stomach are almost fine and my energy has almost been restored.

It was a great thing I had vacation last week so that I could get the rest I needed and get my health issues sorted.

My son and grand daughter at play

My son and grand daughter at play


My daughter-in-law and grand daughter being silly

My daughter-in-law and grand daughter being silly

BONUS! I got to spend a day with my son and his family. It was a GREAT way to spend the last day of my vacation.

FFF springPlease share some of your blessings from this past week. It is such fun to share and read these. If you’d like more of the above, check out this link to Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story. That is where this weekly meme is hosted.

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Austen in August Reading Challenge 2015 Friday’s Fave Five (August 14, 2015)

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  • 1. Faith  |  . at .

    I’m so happy your health issues have been restored and you are eating healthy things to manage your diabetes!! Keep it up! that cinnamon water sounds interesting. I might try that this autumn. I LOVE lemon, lime and cucumber slices (not all at once) in a large mason jar with lots of ice water. YUM!!!! Enjoy the weekend and that Starbucks card 🙂


  • 2. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    I will have to try the cinnamon water! I drink too many sodas (diet and decaf, but still probably not best) and drink water a bit, but I don’t like it all the time. I will have to look up that pumpkin cake, too. Glad you got the medicine sorted out. Sometimes the side effects are much worse than whatever good a medicine was supposed to do. How fun to discover a surprise gift card! Glad you’re able to join in the Austen in August challenge! It’s been a while since I read Mansfield Park but I enjoyed it.


  • 3. Gattina  |  . at .

    For me easy cooking is open the freezer take out a meal and put it in the Microwave, lol ! . Cinnamon water sounds interesting !
    Medications can sometimes be very vicious !


  • 4. Susanne  |  . at .

    Glad you discovered what was making you not feel well. Medications can be a tricky thing. Cinnamon water sounds wonderful. I’ll have to try it. I’ve been slicing cucumbers into the water jug in the fridge and that is very refreshing on a hot day. The gift card find made me smile. What a fun surprise!!


  • 5. jerralea  |  . at .

    Hmmm… not sure I could do cinnamon water, but I do believe it would make the house smell divine while making it.

    What a neat surprise to find that gift card in the freezer. Kudos to your daughter for thinking of it.


  • 6. Ann  |  . at .

    Always nice to have time off when you are fatigued. It’s so hard when you desperately need rest but can’t get it. That is a great blessing.


  • 7. Willow  |  . at .

    Hurray for the week of vacation! It’s wonderful to spend part of that time quietly with books and then other time with family.


  • 8. Willow  |  . at .
    This is the link to the August Break. SInce I don’t do instagram or flickr, I can’t really link up to the others.


  • 9. a spirit of simplicity  |  . at .

    I think I will try the cinnamon water. Wonderful treat amongst the butter and the pumpkin cake sounds lovely. It’s so hard to find good gluten free recipes.


  • 10. nikkipolani  |  . at .

    Totally cute idea — giftcard in the fridge/freezer! How fun. I’ve already clicked on that pumpkin recipe. I like experimenting with GF foods, too 🙂 And that cinnamon water sounds pretty good. There used to be an apple-cinnamon tea that my office canteen carried for a while. I like the subtle sweetness imparted by the cinnamon.



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