Friday’s Fave Five (9/17/2015)

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This week I watched a TED Talk given by doctor, clown, and humanitarian Patch Adams. He briefly described how he went from suicidal to emotionally thriving. Part of his answer had to do with gratitude.

He said, “I dove into the ocean of gratitude and I never found the shore.

Right now I, too, want to dive into the ocean of gratitude. Below are bright spots from last week.

ONE. I am grateful for good sleep (most nights) and my favourite pillow.

TWO. I love working with the ministry team to the Seniors (55 year and up). We had our monthly meeting this week and boy do we laugh (besides getting a fair amount of work done).

THREE. I am part of a secret sister program at church. Those who participate pray for one woman and she doesn’t know who that is. I am.appreciative of my sister. She is thoughtful, wise, and good-natured. It is a pleasure to pray for her. And of course I am grateful to have someone praying for me. Our reveal party is Nov. 7th.

FOUR. My grand-daughter facetimed me this week. Hurray! That kind of news makes any day BRIGHT.

FIVE.  I was a Bunko substitute for a friend’s group this month. . . . Delish dinner, fun ladies, easy game to play, and we donated all the winnings to a friend’s sister who lost her home in one of the fires here in Northern CA. I am grateful to be around this group of generous, inclusive ladies.

FFF tamara'sYour Turn . . .  C’mon, dive into the ocean of gratitude with us Friday’s Fave Fiver’s. Link up at Living to Tell the Story or please share a highlight (or two) in the comments.


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  • 1. Gattina  |  . at .

    Looks as if you had a very nice week !


  • 2. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Nice quote from Patch Adams. I have not delved into TED talks yet, though I have heard they have some great ones.

    I have been grateful for good sleep, too. For some reason – some say it is just “middle age” – I don’t always get back to sleep easily if I wake up in the middle of the night, so I am appreciative when I can.

    Our church used to have a secret sisters program but doesn’t any longer. I miss it. Your seniors group sounds fun, too.

    I love when my little grandson FaceTimes, too. I have a sister who is big into bunco, but she’s 1,000 miles away and I don’t know anyone who plays here. Very nice to donate the money to one affected by those awful fires.


  • 3. Faith  |  . at .

    Patch Adams! Wasn’t Robin Williams in a movie about him?? I know I saw it many years ago and think I have the name correct.

    Sounds like a great week full of family time, friend time, and good nights’ sleep!! I need me one of those!

    Happy Weekend!


  • 4. karen58  |  . at .

    I saw the Patch Adams movie. How exciting to see a talk by the ‘real’ Patch Adams. The secret sister program would be nice to do. And facetiming with your grandchild — definitely a highlight!


  • 5. Susanne  |  . at .

    The secret sister thing sounds like a great thing. I might have to somehow incorporate that into my study group. How fun to face time with your granddaughter! I saw the Patch Adams movie many years ago and don’t really remember a lot about it. I’ll have to rent it from the library.


  • 6. nikkipolani  |  . at .

    I’m discovering that good sleep is a blessing indeed!
    Your group’s secret sister sounds like a fun way to connect women to one another in a unique way. Isn’t technology fun? Love that you can FT with your sweet grandbaby.


  • 7. Willow  |  . at .

    I love the imagery of diving in to the ocean of gratitude.
    Ins’t internet video (skype/facetime) wonderful? That technology is such a blessing! We get to see our AZ grandgirl almost every weekend.



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