Finding Laughter – Ted Talks (day 5)

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Finding Laughter 31 Days of writingDo you listen to TED Talks? TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED). Years ago my sister introduced these video talks to me and I go through spurts of scrolling through the topics to watch what interests me.

I like to watch them because  . . .

  • They are no more that 18 minutes (great to watch during lunch break and short enough to not over load my brain or emotions with information).
  • The speakers usually have a well-crafted, well-delivered message that educates and inspires change of thought or action.
  • I also appreciate the media that is typically used by the speaker (slides and/or video clips).

Since I am learning about and writing on laughter during October, I thought that I would see what TED has in the area of laughter. I came up with 51 videos.

My plan is to watch these 51 videos to learn about laughter. Of course I will report back any info-bits that are pertinent to laughter.

Your Turn . . . Do any of the titles in my list look interesting to you? If yes, which one(s)?

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I am joining 100’s of others at #write31days to write every day in October on a single topic. My topic is 31 Days of Finding Laughter. I will spend time each day studying laughter to see if I can improve my laughter quotient.

Go here for the landing page which has all the posts in one spot.

Read, learn, and discover with me what this world of laughter is all about and is it all that it’s cracked up to be. And be sure to leave a comment. Talking together will make for a richer, interactive experience for all of us.

My TED talk list is after the jump.

  1. Being happy and living at the moment: Aisha Chaudhari at TEDxPune. – WATCHED… NOT ABOUT LAUGHTER
  2. Being silly: Sam Simmons at TEDxSydney – WATCHED
  3. A Comedian not a Joke – TEDxUWI – Learie Joseph
  4. Finding humour: Sareen Akarjalian at TEDxBeirut – WATCHED
  5. From BandAid to RadiAid, Laughing Our way to Change: Anja Bakken Riise at TEDxMuenster (TEDxMünster)  – WATCHED
  6. Gesundheit Institute: Patch Adams at TEDxUtrechtUniversity – WATCHED – watch Patch Adams movie
  7. Hacking comedy | Baratunde Thurston | TEDxKC – WATCHED… Go to Fox ADHD… Read The Onion … Look up Whoppi, Bill Cosby and Garrison Keller.
  8. Haha, Wait, what? – TEDxAjman – Fahad Al Butairi – WATCHED. GET ON YOUTUBE
  9. Healing loneliness with laughter | Giulia Rozzi | TEDxCapeMay
  10. How humor can fuel innovation: Barry Kudrowitz | TEDxUMN – WATCHED. dO GAME WITH A GROUP. DOES HE HAVE A BOOK?
  11. How Humour Created The World: Christopher Molineux at TEDxStanleyPark
  12. How we thought laugh is important: Abdulrahman AlJameli | TEDxSanaa – WATCHED. Not in English
  13. Humor and science will lead the future – TEDxRotterdam – Kees Moeliker  – WATCHED
  14. Humor at work: Andrew Tarvin | TEDxOhioStateUniversity  – WATCHED
  15. Humor, creativity and the analytical mind | Ron Gifford | TEDxCarmelHighSchool
  16. I-Laugh-You: Sabine Jizi at TEDxLAU  – WATCHED.
  17. Innovation and The Art of Laughter: Sushil Bhatia at TEDxUMassAmherst
  18. Jokes are my superpower: Danny Zuker at TEDxManhattanBeach  – WATCHED – Watch Modern Family
  19. Laugh. breathe. innovate | Sushil Bhatia | TEDxYouth@CCHS – WATCHED.
  20. Laughter helps you cope with life’s challenges: Shareen Richter at TEDxJohannesburgWomen 2013 – WATCHED.
  21. Laughter: Love, Joy, and Language: Sophie Scott at TEDxImperialCollege
  22.  Laughter yoga | Alma Gall | TEDxPannonia DO AGAIN
  23. Laughing to the Future: Hugh McClelland at TEDxPenticton
  24. Laughing Our Way to a Better World:Sindre Olav Edland-Gryt at TEDxBarcelonaChange  – WATCHED
  25. Laughing to Keep From Crying: Joshua Musil Church at TEDxPiscataquaRiver
  26. Life is funny. Live it: Sundeep Rao at TEDxCoimbatore – WATCHED.
  27. Love, Laughter, Sushi: World Housing and Climate Change – TEDxVancouver – Michael Green
  28. Nerdcore Comedy
  29. On humor and education: David Low at TEDxYouth@CATPickering
  30. Scientist Turned Comedian: Tim Lee at TEDxUCSD
  31. Something to laugh about: Steve Mazan TEDxSanJoseCA 2012
  32. Stereotypes — funny because they are true | Katerina Vrana | TEDxThessaloniki
  33. The Chronicles of Comedy | Azeem Banatwalla | TEDxIIMShillong
  34. The epidemic of over-seriousness: Zara Swindells-Grose at TEDxMelbourne – super power of laughter FUNNY
  35. The Power of Honesty, Humility & Humor: Steve Shenbaum at TEDxSarasota
  36. The rediscovery of laughter: Magno Shavdia at TEDxKoeln – Die Wiederentdeckung des Lachens. WATCHED.
  37. The Science of Comedy: Kavin J at TEDxKL 2012
  38. The Serious Business of Comedy | Aditi Mittal | TEDxIIFTDelhi
  39. This is Your Brain on Comedy – TEDxRainier – Chris Bliss
  40. Using Humor to Communicate: Naveed Mahbub at TEDxDhaka
  41. Want to be innovative? Be funny!  Peter Perceval | TEDxFSUJena – – – WATCHED.
  42. What Makes Things Funny – TEDxBoulder – Peter McGraw – – WATCHED Watch Seinfeld. Look up Peter Mcgraw.
  43. When it Comes to Laughter, We Are All Alike  – TEDxDoha – Ahmed Ahmed 
  44. When Pigs Fly: Sandra Boynton at TEDxYale
  45. When you laugh, something happens: Dale Williams at TEDxWesterfordHighSchool – WATCHED
  46. Where’s the joke?Janis Skutelis at TEDxRiga. – WATCHED – Not in english.
  47. Why computer engineering is like standup comedy: Wayne Cotter at TEDxRainier – WATCHED
  48. Why Laugh? Why Here? Why Now? Michael Fields at TEDxEureka – WATCHED
  49. Women in comedy: Regina Barreca at TEDxUConn 2013 – WATCHED – Watch 30 Rock
  50. World Laughter Master: Belachew Girma at TEDxAddis
  51. You’ve got to be joking – humour and education: Trevor Strong at TEDxQueensU

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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Shelby  |  . at .

    Healing Loneliness with Laughter and Laugh, Breathe, Innovate appeal to me. I might work my way down your whole list! Which ones have you enjoyed the most so far?


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      My faves so far are Jokes are my superpower. The epidemic of over-seriousness and When Pigs Fly. Let me know what you think about the TED Talks you watch. Thanks for visiting.


  • 3. Larissa  |  . at .

    Laughing our way to a New World sounds interesting as do many others. I love TED Talks so I am sure most of these are amazing! Fun idea!


    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      Thanks for stopping by, Larissa. I love TED Talks, too. It has been fun making my way through the list. I am laughing and learning – a great combo.


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