Finding Laughter: First Week Summary (day 7)

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Finding Laughter 31 Days of writingSo how did week one of Finding Laughter go? It was not a sweeping success. Viewing comedy shows did not bring on the laughter as I explained in this post yesterday. Nor did the beginning days of the 30 Day Laughter Cleanse and the 40 Day Laughter Challenge help me become more open to laughing. Although the Cleanse author had some salient points like feast on laughter and fast from fear. I just don’t laugh on cue (very much) and it felt awkward doing the laughing exercises.

On the positive side, I am enjoying the TED talks I’ve listened to so far and a couple of the books. There will be more on those later. And another plus is that while watching the shows, I also did some Fall crafting. I completed a beautiful felt flower wreath. The link is here. Mine is a little different and I will post a link to my completed project when it is online.

Your Turn . . . Have you ever thought about the  quality of laughter in your life? If you are a laugher – please share some of your tips.

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I am joining 100’s of others at #write31days to write every day in October on a single topic. My topic is 31 Days of Finding Laughter. I will spend time each day studying laughter to see if I can improve my laughter quotient.

Go here for the landing page which has all the posts in one spot.

Read, learn, and discover with me what this world of laughter is all about and is it all that it’s cracked up to be. And be sure to leave a comment. Talking together will make for a richer, interactive experience for all of us.


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  • 1. birdsongmanor  |  . at .

    I can’t wait to see what you learn in this study. I love laughing and try to find the joy in life wherever I can find it. I also know from experience that laughing really does raise your endorphins and helps dealing with difficulties. I’ve worked in the pediatric cancer units of hospitals and kids who are entertained seem to come through their chemo with less side effects.


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      Bless you for your nursing in pediatric cancer units. Having a medical professional understand the role of laughter is huge indeed in recovery.

      I am toying with the idea of learning to be a clown who entertains at hospitals. I want to be able to help such individuals. At the moment I am struck with fear so that idea is on hold.


  • 3. Romi  |  . at .

    I’ve read somewhere that laughter help relieve stress, and that it is very good for the health. Laughing with someone makes me feel closer to them. Surely, laughter is very important in our lives.


    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      I have felt the same way, Romi. After I’ve spent time laughing with a person or group, I, too, feel her/them. I am craving more such times in my life.

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  • 5. Ruth  |  . at .

    I am so curious about this idea–that you can “up” your laughter quotient. That it is something that can be changed–increased or decreased like any other habit.
    I am a laugher. 🙂 I make jokes all the time. I find humor in a lot of things. But I also feel other emotions very intensely too. I’m kind of a roller coaster of sorts. But a balanced one, if that makes sense. I think the reason I see so many things to laugh about is because I find beauty in being silly. In acting silly–dancing with my 2-year-old is a great way to bring out silliness and laughter. 🙂 I also become very overwhelmed by sadness sometimes. So to even it out and break the “spell” that sadness has on me, I look for silly. I take a deep breath and choose to see happiness and find something that will make me laugh. Don’t know if this helps, but I am, like I said, very curious as to how your “experiment” goes. 🙂


    • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

      Ruth, I love your statement, “I find beauty in being silly.” I want to be there, too. At the moment I find silly to be off-putting and not interesting. But I really do want to take myself less seriously, so I know cultivating silly and the resulting laughter is the path to that.
      Thanks for sharing.


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