Finding Laughter: Retreat Fun (Day 25)

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Finding Laughter 31 Days of writingThis weekend I went to a women’s retreat in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. We spent time learning from God’s Word, singing, and reflecting. And we spent lots of time having fun  – making memories together. And yes, many of these making-moments included laughter!

Here are some of these moments, but I fear that they won’t be funny to you. You had to be there.

  • If someone gives you a chili covered-strawberry candy, be suspicious. It stayed in my mouth half a second before I spit it back out. Evidently my expression was comical and caused a couple of people to laugh. This in turn made me laugh.
  • Silly song session – oh how we laughed when singing and doing the motions to tunes like jabba the hut and a song about a rooster that perked up a farmer’s productivity (sorry cannot remember the name of the song). We sang and motioned for an hour. And it was so good to laugh and smile and just be there together.
  • During one of our sessions we tossed around 4 balls for 20 seconds at a time. When “STOP” was called whoever had the pink ball, looked to see what question was under their right, index finger. They read the question and answered it. While the balls were flying around, lots of laughter also flew around the room.
  • One night I was in the lobby with 5 other gals and it was LATE. We talked about all kinds of things and laughed. I cannot pinpoint one specific thing that was funny, but I know that we laughed  – a lot. Maybe we were giddy because of a lack of sleep.
  • One gal is a great storyteller and has a frank outlook – she says what she thinks. I found her stories funny probably because I couldn’t believe that she dared to say what she said.

I think one reason I laughed so much is because my schedule was different. I didn’t have the responsibilities I normally have (like cleaning and cooking). So I had time to play and laugh. And I was surrounded by many types of women and each one came with unique perspectives and experiences. Sometimes these perspectives and experiences caused hilarity – a good hilarity not one of making fun of someone.

I love that when I get away with a group of people, there are always some folks who are laugh-generators (because of their antics or wise-cracks) and some have infectious laughs which cause laughter to be prolonged. And of course if kiddos are present, you laugh because they laugh. They laugh just because.

Your Turn . . . When you get away with folks (at a church retreat, family gathering, or work conference) do you have times of laughter? I do and always look forward to that. . . . Care to share any funny songs? I need more of those in my life.

Your Turn . . .

I am joining 100’s of others at #write31days to write every day in October on a single topic. My topic is 31 Days of Finding Laughter. I will spend time each day studying laughter to see if I can improve my laughter quotient.

Go here for the landing page which has all the posts in one spot.

Read, learn, and discover with me what this world of laughter is all about and is it all that it’s cracked up to be. And be sure to leave a comment. Talking together will make for a richer, interactive experience for all of us.


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  • 1. Larissa Traquair  |  . at .

    I definitely laugh more when I am with my girlfriends! I am currently spending a weekend with two of my closest friends and we have laughed a lot as well. Just like you, it’s hard to share the funny stories that made me laugh because you have to experience the moment we were in. That doesn’t matter though, we have our memories, and you have yours, and we are blessed to have people in our lives who make us laugh. No silly songs to share other than the ones the almost 3 year old has created all weekend!!!!


  • 2. stuckinindiana  |  . at .

    The best times with my girlfriends – at retreats or girls nights out or… – is LAUGHING! I recently shared a quote on my “When You’re STUCKinindiana” Facebook page… “If you laugh a lot, when you get older, your wrinkles will be in the right places.” ~ Andrew Mason

    I’m hoping that’s true 🙂


  • 3. Anita Ojeda  |  . at .

    I do enjoy laughter (although I have a really weird sense of humor and many times other people don’t ‘get’ my humor–sometimes, this makes it funnier for me and I’ll end up laughing until I have tears in my eyes whilst everyone else looks at me like I’m an alien who has sprouted tinfoil-covered antenna.



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