Finding Laughter: Books Still on my Bookshelf (Day 30)

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Finding Laughter 31 Days of writingWow – I cannot believe this 31 days of laughter is only one day from being done! And I am sad to say that I didn’t finish all that I wanted to finish. I can see that my Finding Laughter project is far from complete with books to read, Ted Talks to listen to, experiments to try.

 Yes, I still have books to read. This month was soooooo busy that I didn’t get to read all I wanted. I did read all the books for children though. So I am going to read the following  – no deadline this time.
EDITED TO ADD: It is now March 2016 and I have read all the below books except for the one by Carol Burnett. That is still on my list.

Your Turn . . . Are there any other books I should be reading? NOTE: I am making my way through the suggestions given here.

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I am joining 100’s of others at #write31days to write every day in October on a single topic. My topic is 31 Days of Finding Laughter. I will spend time each day studying laughter to see if I can improve my laughter quotient.

Go here for the landing page which has all the posts in one spot.

Read, learn, and discover with me what this world of laughter is all about and is it all that it’s cracked up to be. And be sure to leave a comment. Talking together will make for a richer, interactive experience for all of us.


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  • 1. Karen Sebastian  |  . at .

    I love your list of books. Inspiring me for sure!


  • 2. Ruthie Gray  |  . at .

    I always loved my Women of Faith books, they made me laugh so hard at their stories! And Carol Burnette – LOL!!! Ah, loved that show. Especially the Scarlette and Rhett episode.
    You keep reading, girlfriend, you’re on the right track!!


  • 3. hopeful50  |  . at .

    I do hope on day 30 YOU ARE LAUGHING MORE!


  • 4. Anita Ojeda  |  . at .

    I’m a firm
    Believer in the curative powers of laughter, and I’ll be back when life isn’t so busy to look at all the excellent espouses you’ve gathered!


  • 5. stuckinindiana  |  . at .

    Great resources Susan 🙂 I plan to come back & read more of your posts from this series.


  • 6. livingmyportion  |  . at .

    This book list is wonderful, I am always looking for books to add to my “to read” list. Some of these will definitely make the list. I’ve enjoyed your #write31series and will continue to follow. May the Lord bless you!



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