Friday’s Fave Five – November 20, 2015

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My grand-daughter is good medicine

I’ve been remiss these past weeks and haven’t written a Friday’s Fave Five. Here is this week’s offering.

ONE. I’ve been coping with a cold for 3 weeks now. I spent several days last week with my son’s family getting loved on. And after an impromptu visit with friends (Shula & John), I came home with tea, vitamins and some fresh eggs from their hens. I am feeling better  – just a lingering cough.

TWO. I attended a Tea, fashion show and fundraiser sponsored by The CLUB. It is a respite program (adult day care for folks with memory issues) that meets at our church. The food and company were delicious. And the models (regular women) did a great job and I have some new wardrobe pieces in mind to purchase.

THREE. Celebrated a friend’s birthday. Marsha and I took Gillian to lunch at Plates Cafe & Catering. We all ordered the special of the day, meatloaf sandwiches and sweet potato fries. YUMMM. This restaurant is run by St John’s Shelter for Women and Children. They help homeless women find a footing in life by offering them training and work so they can increase their job skills and employability.

My version of a prayer pumpkin

My version of a prayer pumpkin

FOUR. Prayer pumpkin helps with a new way of praying. Have you ever prayed according to topic each day? If yes, what were your categories?

I haven’t until recently. I am quite liking this method. I don’t know where to stop without feeling guilty. I believe in the power of prayer and I know that when I do stop there is still so much more to pray for. This new way of prayer (for me) is giving me some doable boundaries. Does that sound silly or shallow?

FIVE. I repotted a plant. Trudy (volunteer receptionist at work) brought everything I needed to repot my philodendron plant, months ago. Finally this week I did the dirty deed – mainly because it wouldn’t stand up anymore. I am grateful it has recovered quite nicely and adds lovely life to my office.

leaf FFFYour Turn . . . Write your own FFF and link up at Living to Tell the Story. Or leave a comment sharing your own blessings from this past week.

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Prayer Pumpkin Fall Bucket List Update – November

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  • 1. Faith  |  . at .

    yes we pray in the prayer tooics often. it is how i tried to teach my children to pray. First we start off with praise and thanks to God our Father and then we move to family needs, friend needs, world needs, missionaries, community, church needs, etc. is very effective. glad you are liking this. lately Ive been focusing on my oldest in getting a job!! and for the salvation of some friends. prayer is powerful!!! glad you are feeling better….that photo of your granddaughter is adorable!!


  • 2. Ann  |  . at .

    Those colds can last forever!! Glad you’re down to just a cough. Hope it goes away soon.


  • 3. jerralea  |  . at .

    Love the prayer pumpkin idea. You really can do much with pumpkins, it seems …

    Anyway, glad you were able to spend time with your family during your illness.

    Yay for repotted plants! I once kept a philodendron alive for 18 years but it finally bit the dust …


  • 4. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Glad you’re feeling better! That cold sounds pretty miserable. Glad as well that you were able to attend some neat events.

    I don’t think it is silly or shallow to pray according to boundaries – I know what you mean about not knowing where to stop sometimes. I think I may have done so in college or early marriage – I can’t remember if I did or if I just heard about it a lot. I think the categories some use are family, friends and coworkers, church, our country, and missions and ministries.


  • 5. nikkipolani  |  . at .

    Oh, Susan. Three weeks of feeling lousy is a long time. That girl of yours is good medicine indeed! And it sounds like you are on the road to recovery with these faves to cheer you and encourage you.


  • 6. Susanne  |  . at .

    That’s a long time to not feel well. Glad to hear you are finally on the tail end of it. The tea and fashion show sounds like lots of fun. What a blessing to have friends who send you home with goodies to help make you feel better!



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