Colouring Combats Complaining

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Do you color? Do you know an adult who does?

Coloring  books have become popular with adults.

  • One because it is FUN.
  • Two because it helps reduce stress.

The act of coloring can help adults to focus on the moment and let go of ruminating thoughts. Thus it is like taking a vacation from emotionally charged thinking. There is mental and physical peace in that kind of vacation.

I bought a Gratitude Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal. The idea is to help me put more fruitful words into my mind. I’m going with the theory that Gratitude In = Gratitude Out which would mean less complaining.

The first section I chose to color is Friends: Travel the Road Together. The devotional on the left side reminded me of the importance of community. On the right I wrote about 3 people I am grateful for. I spent 30 minutes coloring while listening to Yiruma’s Greatest Hits ~ Best Piano.

color-and-prayHow My Experience Rated

  • The 30 minutes went by quickly.
  • While I normally prefer silence when I am by myself, listening to Yiruma added to my relaxation.
  • For the first 20 minutes it was surprisingly easy to relax and think only about coloring and the beauty of the music. As thoughts came into my mind, I was able to let them pass on through without giving them much attention.
  • Then at about the 20 minutes mark some distressing thoughts kept rushing into my head. These were thoughts from Facebook about how ugly people have been to each other because of their differing political views. It was really hard to let these thoughts go. I have been avoiding thinking about this issue and I guess my freed up mind then took this opportunity to think.
  • I notice that I don’t like to color detailed pictures. First because I don’t want to spend that much time on something that is not permanent. And secondly because the lines are too small. It would take a LONG time to “properly” color these 2 page spreads. I want to do one section each time I color.
  • I will do this again.

No Complaining Update: I am now on Day 11/21. I think one reason I am so successful (now) is because I am really paying attention to my circumstances and words.

Your Turn . . . 

  • Do you color? If yes, what has your experience been like?
  • How do you think coloring (like this) would impact your complaining?
  • Have you jumped on the no complaining band wagon? If yes, how is it going?

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Gratitude Bracelet Helps Stop Complaints Using Fruitful Words to Combat Complaining

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  • 1. Elizabeth Meyers  |  . at .

    I bought a coloring book and colored pencils, but I have yet to actually color in it. It seems that other “important” things are always pestering me for my attention. Thanks for pointing out the benefits of coloring. I’m inspired again to begin!



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