5 Reasons I Love Social Media (FFF)

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June 30th is Social Media Day and it is also Friday’s Fave Five. So I thought I would combine the two and share why I am grateful for social media.

ONE. Prayer Points. Many times I find out about life events on social media (especially Facebook) before I do via the phone or face-to-face.

  • Birthday/anniversary
  • Cancer announcement/last day of cancer announcement
  • Chronic pain/sudden illness
  • Graduation/loss of employment
  • Hatred/love

I saw all of these things this past week and I prayed for each one. So I can better love on people in my life, this is one of the first things I do each morning.

TWO. Share Information. Most of the folks on my Facebook list are church folks.

  • Therefore it is a GREAT way to advertise what’s going on.
  • My teams and I (PEP and Women’s Ministry) create event pages.
  • We have groups for PEP, Women’s Ministry and Operation Christmas Child  (OCC) Projects (sewing/crafting).
  • I share photos from the things we do together.
  • I highlight what people at CNC are doing. That way we can appreciate them. And get involved, if that interests us.

THREE. New Ideas. I belong to Facebook feeds that cover a gamut of areas: OCC, crafts, theology, authors, education, travel, diabetes news, Spanish, fasting and Dan Rather. (He is the only “political thing” I follow.) Of course there are a bajillion recipes that get shared. I have even tried a few and pinned a TON.

I use Twitter as a way to get world news and information. (I use Facebook mainly as a way to get personal news from friends.)

FOUR. Scrapbooking Life. There are many times that I post on Facebook because I WANT to remember this information. I want to document something from my life or from the life of someone important to me. I used to do scrapbooking. I probably won’t ever do that again. However, one of these days, I am going to print off a book that has all the posts from one year. In my ideal world, I would do that for every year I am on Facebook.

FIVE. Family Photos & Updates. Honestly, this is my favourite reason to have social media (Facebook). I LOVE seeing what my family is up to. Checking FB for my family is the last screen time thing I do each night. I want to see if there is something new that I can think about before I go to bed.

Your Turn . . . What are your favourite reasons to be on social media?

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 This is the 18th and last post (most likely) in the “5 Reasons I Love . . .” Series. Go here for the original post which explains how this idea came about. The previous post is 5 Reasons I Love Spring.

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  • 1. Willow  |  . at .

    I always say that I first got on facebook to spy on my kids! Actually, I use facebook to keep up with my friends and family for many of the same reasons you mentioned although I don’t do much with groups on facebook.
    Have a great holiday weekend!


  • 2. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    I love social medias for all those things as well. I love hearing people’s news almost instantly and being able to pray for a need as it comes up. I don’t like a lot of the “junk” there – political stuff, clickbait posts, etc. – but for now I “hide” the stuff I don’t like. Facebook is the best way to keep up with my extended family, so I plan to stay!


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