Uncovering History with an Address Book: The A’s

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I am just beginning my address book adventure.

  • I have relived some fun times ( for instance, a niece’s political win).
  • And I’ve relived some rejection.
  • I have lots of memories about some folks.
  • And I have scant memories about others.

In all, I have eight observations to share. Be sure to share your observations as you also go through your own address book adventure.

In my first post, I introduced a project I am doing: going through an old hard backed address book. Each Wednesday I will post what I unearth from each alphabet letter. Today is the Letter A.

Writing to the A’s

ONE. Six of the names had no addresses. So even though this is an address book, I was lazy and only captured the phone number or email address. But when I use a digital format, I tend to fill in ALL the fields.

TWO. I have crossed out 13 names. They are completely covered in graffiti. So I have no idea who is beneath this layer of ink or why they are buried.

THREE. There are incomplete names. Two people are listed by their first name only or by a title; like “Aunty Beryl. See Beryl Sidney.” I never hear Aunty B (not my real aunt) called anything else and so wasn’t sure I’d remember her full name when it came time to look her up. Thus she is in the A’s.

The only legible name on this whole page is Aunty Beryl’s. I wonder what history lurks beneath the layer of ink?

FOUR. Some of the names are friends of my children. I have phone numbers of some of my children’s friends from when they were in high school. That way if/when I needed to get a hold of my kiddos and didn’t know where they were, I could at least call their friends. I WANT to do this now. ACTION ITEM: Get phone numbers of my (adult) kiddos current friends.

FIVE. I have no memory of some folks. One entry simply says, “Andy (Church) 796-3160.” No last name, no area code, and no church are listed. I have lived in two states and one foreign country and attended four churches in this address book’s life time. In the future, I want to be better about adding additional, identifying information.

SIX. I am estranged from one person. It still hurts after all these years. I am still praying for reconciliation especially because I don’t know what happened. Yes, I did write a letter to this dear (to me) person.

SEVEN. I found a photograph. There is a photo postcard of my niece, Samantha, for when she ran for school historian. Yes, she won that election! I have a bunch of papers in this address book. I look forward to seeing what the other treasures are.

EIGHT. Multiple phone numbers for most folks. Phone numbers have changed for each of the folks at least once even if they haven’t moved houses. It would have been helpful if I wrote the numbers in pencil. BUT I prefer to write with a pen and the inkier the better! However changing the numbers in my digital book will be easy and never leave a mess.

I wrote 8 “A” letters.

I prayed for 11 people, even for Andy. God knows her/him and a prayer of blessing is never wasted.

Your Turn . . . Do you have a physical address book?  Why or why not?  … Do you relate to any of my findings? If yes, how?

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