D is for … DRUMBEAT … Follow the Correct One

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The beats from a drum can lead us astray or to the correct path. How are you doing?

The Civil War was the last war to use drummer boys. The drumbeat was used to give orders to soldiers. Different beats told them when to eat, how to march, and even how to fight. On smokey battlefields, the boy’s drumming helped soldiers find one another and keep together. (p 56)

It is thought that nearly 60,000 served as drummer boys or buglers in the Civil War (p 76). … Magic Treehouse #21 Civil War on Sunday by Mary Pope Osborne

The soldiers had to be attentive to the drum beats from THEIR drummers. And they had to know what the sounds meant if they wanted to . . .

  • Fight correctly and well.
  • Stay alive.
  • Be part of the correct fighting community.

This reminds me of the Holy Spirit. We have to be attentive to His voice and not the voice of the enemy. We have to know what God means if we want to . . .

  • Fight correctly and well.
  • Stay alive.
  • Be part of the correct fighting community.

Just like the soldiers in the Civil War, we (Believers in Christ) are soldiers and we are at war.

  • Our enemy is the world which wants us to conform to its ways. The world’s ways do not put God and His Will first. Instead it is self-centered and there are no absolutes.
  • And our enemy is Satan. He is trying to steal, kill and destroy anything good and godlike in ourselves and in our lives. And he wants to delude us into thinking his lies are truth; that his drum beat is the correct one to follow.

In order to hear the correct spiritual drumbeat, the voice of God . . .

  • We need to determine that we want to hear from Him.
  • We need to decide we will say, ‘Yes,” to His will (His drum beats).
  • We need to stop some of the hustle and bustle of life in order to spend time with God.

Just like the soldiers had to learn to discern what the different drum beats from THEIR side meant, we also need to learn to discern the drum beats (voice) of God.

But we won’t need a bugle or a drum to hear God’s voice. Instead one of our best instruments is God’s Holy Spirit talking to us through the Bible. As we study and mediate upon the Bible, we will be able to know when it is God speaking. As we do this in church and in our small groups and by ourselves, we will learn how to . . .

  • Fight correctly and well.
  • Stay alive.
  • Be part of the correct fighting community.

Your Turn . . . How do you help yourself discern the voice of God? . . . Is there an area you could use help in: Fight correctly and well … Stay alive … Be part of the correct fighting community? 

What “D” word would you write about?

This post is linked to ABC Wednesday – D: Round 21.

The ABC Wednesday Facebook Group is here.

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  • 1. ABC-Wednesday  |  . at .

    Hello Susan, I saw your comment on the site of ABC but did not see your entry … you can enter it via the site by clicking on the blue button in the bottomsection of de intro for D.

    Wonderful to may welcome you and I hope you have lots of fun with this weekly meme.

    Your D-post is wonderful.. it indeed is less simple then it seems. I love the way how you have gathered and posted the info about it.

    Have a wonderful ABC-wednesday / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


  • 2. bevbaird  |  . at .

    Wonderful post for D – both the info on the Civil war drummers and listening for God. Welcome to a great community.


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