Uncovering History with an Address Book: The E’s

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The E’s reminded me of how POWERFUL care is (from people and God).

This week was an easy week – I wrote only one letter and prayed for two businesses and five people/families. 

I knew Ellen & Mike from Colorado. We both homeschooled our kiddos. And for a year (or so) Ellen and I gathered weekly to work on an ABC embroidery sampler.

One of their teenagers (John) used a gun to end his life. Obviously that was a tragic time for them. I don’t think I was a GREAT support to the family. I did pray, but I wish I had the knowledge THEN of what I now know.

I hope my letter finds them because I want Ellen to know I have continued to pray for her family. And I hope I find my sampler in the garage. (I am decluttering.)

Three Things I Learned by Going Through My E’s.

ONE. Life is precious. You never know how much time you have with someone, so don’t postpone that phone call or letter of affection. Reading Ellen’s name reminded me that what I am doing in this Address Book Adventure is worthwhile. It re-motivated me to keep it up.

TWO. I am reminded of a miracle. I had two names under Eye Doctor. One Eye Physician/Surgeon is Dr McMahon (CA). In May, 2010 I had eye pressure readings of 35. Normal eye pressure has a range of 10-22.

  • So, of course I went to a specialist (Dr. McMahon) in June.
  • And in June, I also went to a healing prayer meeting and had the elders anoint me with oil.
  • By July my numbers were 22/23. I was not on any meds. I know that GOD healed me.

So my address book reminded me that God cares, hears and heals.

Sometimes I want to hide sensitive information that I have written on a to-do list. This techniques works well to hide it once I am done. BTW – I made up this number.

THREE. How to cross out something so it CAN’T be read. I have 8 names crossed out. And they are crossed out so thoroughly that I couldn’t read them even if you paid me one million dollars. Sometimes though, you DO WANT to cross out something so that others cannot read it. (It is overkill in my address book.) So I am adding a graphic that shows you how to do my technique, in case you need to do this.

GUESS WHAT?! I have received two letters and an email promising me a letter. Even if I don’t hear from anyone else, these three contacts have made this project worthwhile.

Last Wednesday’s post was on discovering folks in the D’s.  Next week I will share what I uncover in the F’s. To find the landing page with all the posts, go here. It is after the jump at the bottom of the page.

Your Turn . . . What is happening in your E’s?  . . . Any God sightings there? . . . Who could you contact so they know you are thinking about them? . . . If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, get HELP today. Suicide doesn’t have to be your only (and permanent) course of action.

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