Uncovering History with an Address Book: The G’s

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The G’s taught me three great lessons.

This week’s adventure was going through the G’s. While I have 36 names in my Google contact list, I only have five viable addresses in my hard back address book. (Whew!) Therefore this week, I wrote letters to five folks. And I prayed for seven ladies and their families.

Three Things I Learned by Going Through My G’s.

ONE. Model grandparenting. Three of the ladies are grandmas and wonderfully involved in their grand children’s lives. Here’s what they model.

  • From one I learned about getting all the grandkiddos together (before christmas) and have a crafting night. She had grands before I did. So even before I had grand children, I planned to follow that example as I love doing kid art/crafts. And I love that all the grands from the different parents gather. So not only are they all crafting, they are doing so as a whole family unit.
  • From one I see evidence of doing fun, active things with the grand kids. I.e. white water rafting and making rockets (with diet coke and mentos). As I get older, it is more and more tempting for me to NOT do energetic and new things. This grandma models something entirely different. And I really do want to do the same.
  • From the other one I am reminded of how important it is to read to children. This post is helpful, 10 Read Aloud Questions & Answers. When I am with my grandchildren, it is easy and natural for us to do something artsy/crafty. And even though I LOVE reading (to myself) and read out loud to my kiddos, I haven’t been so good at doing this with my grands. I want to help them with the following 13 Benefits of Reading. And plus, it really is fun.

TWO. Hospitality. Four of the five folks I am still in contact with excel at hospitality. They are involved in the lives of people in their church, community, family and friends. They share their love of life and friendship with others. They invite inclusiveness. And I’ve seen the bonds, unity and healing that have developed because of a simple thing we call hospitality. And yet it is so huge.

THREE. Godly.  All five are godly christians. And since they take their faith seriously, they are all maturing (even more) in their personal and spiritual lives. They have had their share of life’s rough and tumble. And yet they keep on keeping on. And I see that a relationship with God impacts every area of their lives. It is encouraging and exciting to notice this trait they all share.

My Action Steps . . .

  • Reflect on my on spiritual life. Ask myself if my spiritual beliefs are impacting every area of my life. If not, what would I like to do about that?
  • Get my hospitality on! Truth be told, I am not very hospitable especially in my home. Once I get home, I want to be a hermit. Yet when I look at the example of these ladies, I see how their kind hospitality makes a difference. I want to host some people at my home and soon. (At least I like the idea of doing this.)
  • Share my love of reading. Make reading out loud a priority to my grand children. Tell the oldest what I am reading and what I am learning from it. Write our own books and read them out loud to each other. I want us to enjoy reading some books in spanish as well.
  • Get active. I am a sedentary person by choice. I like to read, write, craft, and research, All of these require sitting down. But I see that I sit too much. It is not good for my health and it doesn’t prepare me to PLAY with my grand children. … This summer I made it a goal to walk more. I have faithfully hit my daily 10,000 step mark. My next two goals are to walk a (professional) 5K once a month with others. And I want to walk a 5k once a week in my neighborhood. … And finally I want to do more active things with my family – like camping, science projects, fishing, and ??? I am open to suggestions.
  • Be prepared to craft. I am pretty much on target regarding crafting with my 4-year-old grand-daughter. We do LOTS of craft and art projects. My down fall is that I tend to do projects that are a little over her head. So I end up doing too much of the work. I want to be more age appropriate. And I want to make up art kits ahead of time, so that I am all prepared for each project instead of rushing around at the last-minute.

Your Turn . . . What have you learned from others regarding their spiritual life, hospitality and grandparenting? … What one thing would you like to incorporate into your own life?

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G is for . . . Grandma Friday’s Fave Five August 25th, 2017

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