HOW to Get the Most Out of Your Small Group: 12 Ideas

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Going on an excursion with your small group is a fun way to connect.

Small groups can be an encouraging format to learn and grow friendships. Or they can be a chaotic, waste of time. Have you thought about what makes the difference between the two?  I have.

Below is a list of HOW to get the most out of your small group. And you can do this by “controlling” the only person you have control over – You!

  1. Apply. (a) Notice how the material makes you feel. It is more than an intellectual and social endeavor. (b) It’s telling you something spiritual. (c) What will you do with the information?
  2. Examine your H.A.L.T.  score. (a) H.A.L.T.  stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. And some add that “H” can also stand for Hormonal. (b) When we are, it can be hard to learn and stay engaged in that day’s topic. (c) Come to the group rested, fed, and aware of how you are feeling.. Do what you can to lower your H.A.L.T. score.
  3. Flexible. Go with the flow of the group. (a) Don’t be the group’s morality police or theological correction cop. (b) If/when the group goes off topic, stay patient. (c) Don’t expect that others will always agree with you.
  4. Greetings. Say hello and goodbye to all.
  5. Group project. Participate in a group service project. If no one offers to organize it, how about you?
  6. Homework.  Do it. (a) Read the material multiple times. (b) Read a little each day rather than having a marathon session. (c) Read early enough in the week, so you are able to have time to think about the material.
  7. Interaction. (a) Make plans to meet with others outside group-time. (b) Offer to host or organize a get together. (c) Talk to participants during the week about the material and about comments made in class.
  8. Pray. (a) for unity (b) for the people in your group (c) for the leader of your group (d) for God’s voice to be heard by all
  9. Reflect. (a) Know what your reasons are for attending. (b) What can you do to achieve them?
  10. Servant. Help with refreshments, childcare costs, set up/clean up, etc.
  11. Speak up. (a) If shy, write down in advance what you’ll share. (b) If very talkative, encourage others to share by asking open-ended questions (c) Stay on topic. (d) Stay appropriate.
  12. Timely. Be on-time, in fact be a few minutes early.

On Sunday, September 24th, Cordova Neighborhood Church is starting a series called Multiply. This is about disciples making disciples who make disciples  who make disciples, etc. And in addition we are hoping that MANY CNC folks will join a small group. In this weekly format, we can talk and pray about that week’s lesson. SIgn up today to attend or lead a small group.

Share your best HOW TO TIP for small group engagement.

I am linking this to ABC Wednesday.  The ABC Wednesday Facebook Group is here. Today’s letter is “H.”

Your Turn . . . Are you currently part of a small group? Why or why not? … What tip would you add? … What tip will you implement? 

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