Uncovering History with an Address Book: The I’s

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I wrote one “I” letter and prayed for one person and her family.

This week’s adventure was going through the I’s. I learned three things by going through the I’s in my address book.

ONE. Seasonal. When you look back at your friendships over the years, do you find that they are static? Or have some come and gone?

I have moved 20+ times in my life. Some were majour moves like to a different state or to a different country. While some moves were minor like to another part of the same city. But no matter what the distance, each move caused an interruption in my friendships. And so I learned early on, that most friendships were seasonal. And that is okay.

TWO. Good Fit. While pondering the one “I” name and what I can learn, I see that the timing of this friendship (and other friendships that I no longer have close ties to), was just right. I was there for that person and she was there for me for that time. And it was just right. It was a GOOD fit for the both of us.

THREE/ Lessons. I have mentioned this in other posts, that I have learned from others; I have also learned a few things from this “I” person. These are lessons that have helped me to be a better thinker, a more humble person, and to be more cautious with my words.

Your Turn . . . How would you describe your friendships? . . .  Are you in current contact with your “I” friends? If not, give them a call now. You never know how long you’ll be around each other.

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  • 1. Lauren  |  . at .

    Hmmmm . . . I would have to say that most of my friendships are seasonal. I like that you said that was okay! I do have two friends that are from high school/church youth group that I still keep in touch with and see from time to time. Moving a lot as well through the years meant seasonal friendships were important. Thanks for a thought-provoking post!


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      Hi Lauren,
      How cool that you have two long term friends.They are certainly precious.
      This series has brought up new thoughts and lessons for me. I really don’t know what I’ll learn until I sit down to ponder the entrants for that letter. Reflection really is part of internal growth.
      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts.


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