MORE vs less: How to Think Clutter-Free

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Day 2 – I am on track with decluttering 31 minutes a day.

Did you know that a person who doesn’t have issues with stuff thinks differently from someone who does? I’ve never thought about that before. But Lorie Marrero, author of The Clutter Diet has. She shares five such thoughts in this video,

Here is a one sentence description of the thoughts. Watch the whole 5 minute video (below) to get the explanations.

  1. Boy Scout Rule – Leave every space better than you find it.
  2. Clutter Goggles – Use these to see what the area REALLY looks like.
  3. Future Self – Declutter for the happiness of your future self because she will appreciate it
  4. One More Thing – At the end of the day, do one more thing NOW to make tomorrow more efficient and easier.
  5. The Heisman Habit – Be protective about what comes into your home.

This morning while I was in the bathroom, I was thinking about these 5 rules especially The Boy Scout Rule. I thought, “I can apply that one right now.” So I tossed a round hair brush (which I never use) and a shower brush that is ancient.

I am one thought closer to thinking clutter-free.

Day 2 –  31 Minutes of Decluttering = I started out by the area by the front door: the catch-all bowl, the hooks for coats, and the box for shoes.

  • The catch-all bowl had 50,000 keys. WHY? I tossed them as I evidently don’t need them. I either replaced them or someone gave me a key. However, I am so tempted to make this key snowman ornament. Maybe I should get the keys out of the trash before it is too late.
  • The hooks had a sweater and suit jacket that don’t belong there. I hung these up in my closet.
  • I think I am going to get rid of this box. Besides holding shoes it has umbrellas and reusable shopping bags. Surely there is a better place for these items.

Then I decluttered the side table by my bed. I tossed lots of paper. And I found a pile of notecards. WHY do I have so many of these types of items? The best thing is that I found some mad money. I will put this towards my vacation at the end of the month.

Go here for the landing page with all the posts for MORE vs less: 31 Days of Decluttering. #write31days  . . . I am joining 100’s of bloggers who are determined to write every day in October on one topic. To read more about #Write31Days, go here.

Join me in this experiment of MORE vs less.

Your Turn . . . Which of the 5 thoughts that Lorie Morreno shared stand out? . . . How did your decluttering go today?

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