Grateful 43 -Traditions

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Day 31 – Traditions

“Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable and safe in a confusing world.” ~ Susan Lieberman

Because I moved around so much (at least 20 times) there were not a lot of constants in my home. But we had some traditions. …  pizza on Friday nights … the birthday kid called the shots … mom sewed our Halloween costumes … Wide World of Disney for Sunday night TV along with a bowl of mooshed chocolate ice cream …. dad helped me roll my Sunday morning newspaper at o’dark:30 … These traditions did two things . . .

  • 1st. Traditions helped anchor me to my family. The laughs, love, and meaningful moments built strong bonds and memories.
  • 2nd. Participating in traditions let me and others know who my group was. As a result there was a sense of “belonging” to my family.

As an adult, I still love traditions. I am grateful 4 3 traditions.

ONE. Ice cream & waffles for the birthday person’s breakfast. Yep, we have ice cream for breakfast, along with all the toppings. It started out as a way to celebrate the 4th of July. And then it morphed into a birthday celebration. Today I am eating such a breakfast since today is Emily’s 16th birthday. I am grateful we are celebrating her with this FUN, unique tradition.

TWO. Hide and then hunt for Easter eggs. Every Easter we stuff and hide eggs. Everyone (including the adults) collects the same amount of eggs, in theory. We always lose a few. I am grateful for the memories. … sneakily hiding eggs … trying to pry out clues as to where the eggs are hidden … begging for the eggs to be hidden in plain sight (I am the guilty party) … eating our treats.

THREE. Creating art with my oldest grand-daughter. The youngest one, (Sienna) is not old enough, yet, to enjoy this. Sofia and I “do projects” every, single time we see each other. We are occupied for several hours each time. The last time I visited Sofia, I brought 9 art kits. We did three of them. I am grateful for the way we can be creative with and supportive to each other. And it is just so much fun.

One of the common denominators about my traditions is that they are FUN.

Your Turn . . . Tell us about some of your family traditions.

I am writing a gratitude series titled Grateful 43. I will do this for 43 days. And I will write three things for which I am grateful 4 each topic. Do you see the play on the words 43 and FOR THREE?  Go here for the 43 Days of Gratitude JOURNAL Prompts

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