MORE vs less: Your Future Self Will Thank You for Today’s Action

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Day 12 – Getting rid of projects today will thrill my future self tomorrow.

“At every stage of our lives we make decisions that will pro-foundly influence the lives of the people we’re going to be-come, & when we become those people, we’re not always thrilled with the decisions we made.

  • So young people pay good money to get tattoos removed that teenagers paid good money to get.
  • Middle-aged people rushed to divorce people who young adults rushed to marry.
  • Older adults work hard to lose what middle-aged adults worked hard to gain.”

~ The Psychology of Your Future Self by Dan Gilbert


“If you want to be happy, make your future self happy.” ~ Gretchen Rubin


“We often imagine our future self as a confident, superior person that exercises every day and does not bite his or her nails. We have romantic, idealistic visions of our future-selves, so much so that we easily forget that the future-self is actually … us, only tomorrow.

And if we don’t do something to support tomorrow-self, he or she will only be more nervous and distracted than today-self. . . .

The mess you make today, your future self will have to clean. Everything you do now is an investment in the life and happiness of your future self.”               ~ Milena Rangelov


Whenever you can, do something kind for Future You.

Future You is someone you love and care about. Future You is someone who you want to be happy, and you have endless opportunities to make that happen. ~ Wil Wheaton 


I first heard about the future-you concept from Gretchin Rubin. Since then I have seen this idea in multiple places. And I am gravitating towards making it more prevalent in my daily life.

“Whatever a man sows, this and this only is what he will reap.”~ Galatians 6:7

Your Future-Self  Will Thank You For Getting Rid Of Clutter.

Your Turn . . . Have you heard about this idea of doing things today to have a better/happier future-self tomorrow? . . . What is one thing you could do today that makes future you happier/better?

Day 12 –  31 Minutes of Decluttering = I spent time sorting my stuff into project piles again. And I decluttered miscellaneous art supplies and papers. I am looking forward to finishing this area because I now have all my watercolour supplies together and I am itching to get back at that medium. And I want to paint those ping pong balls. Do you remember me talking about them several posts back?

Go here for the landing page with all the posts for MORE vs less: 31 Days of Decluttering. #write31days  . . . I am joining 100’s of bloggers who are determined to write every day in October on one topic. To read more about #Write31Days, go here.

Join me in this experiment of MORE vs less.

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