Friday’s Fave Five – August 3, 2018

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“When we aim for gratitude right now, we become more positive, tolerant, and generous.  Above all, we open ourselves to every day happiness, and that openness will eventually change reality.” ~ Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki

As a way to change my reality into something more positive, I strive to participate in Friday’s Fave Five (FFF) at Susanne’s place (Living to Tell the Truth). Go to this link to read what our favourite moments from this week are. And be sure to link up your own gratitude post. Below are my five faves.

ONE. Library privileges. One of the best things about modern libraries is that we can borrow books digitally from the comfort of our homes, no driving necessary. And I don’t have to go to the library to return my selections. I borrowed the eBook, Longbourn by Jo Baker. It is the group read for Austen in August.

Your Turn . . . Do you borrow eBooks or audio books from the library? What is a title that you suggest?

The cocoon nestled here for a week.

The butterfly stayed on this branch for a whole day before flying away.

TWO. Beauty of nature. My son, Tim, saved a swallowtail cocoon from certain destruction by cutting it off the corner of a building (in a busy area of town) and super-glued it on a branch at home. While I was there, the butterfly emerged. It was a true blessing to be so close, and for so long, admiring the colours.

Your Turn . . . What item from nature have you enjoyed lately?

THREE. Talking with my adult kiddos – We stayed up way too late on Saturday night – actually we went to bed at 12:40am Sunday. And I woke at 5:30 to go back home. But it was lovely, fun, and entertaining to spend two hours talking with Tim and Elizabeth. Usually our time is spent on my grand-kids, so this was a rare treat. I wished Daniella, my daughter-in-law, could’ve joined us, too.

Your Turn . . . Who have you had an unexpected conversation with this week?

FOUR. Walking activity at Church. Last Sunday during our first service time we had options (instead of the sermon, which happened at the 2nd service only). It was a morning for biking, running, walking or singing hymns. I was part of the walking group. The five of us braved the barely okay air. It was fun to talk to folks I don’t normally talk to.

I love that we had a diverse group.

Your Turn . . .  Do you ever walk with a group of folks? Is you church doing anything new this Summer?

FIVE. The yield from my garden doubled. LOL. That really isn’t so grand, since I only picked one thing last week. Yesterday, I picked one zucchini and one crookneck squash. (We had them in a stir fry.) I still have lots of yellow flowers among these two plants. I did as Marsha suggested and Googled why I don’t have more growing veggies. It turns out I have an overabundance of male flowers. I need to be patient for female flowers to grow. .

Your Turn . . . What garden fresh veggies have you enjoyed this week? Did you try any new recipes with them?

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  • 1. Faith  |  . at .

    What a great list of faves, Susan!
    No i cannot stand ebooks! I LOVE the smell of new and old books and holding them and browsing in our quiet adult section of the library, i love our library reading garden,and the whole experience is a quiet me time a couple times a month. I do have some old classics that i don’t own on my iPad though. But I’ve only read one from about 7. Ha!
    Nature item for me this week is I’m enjoying the come back of my pink phlox!! And if you see my fff you will see the end of a trail i hiked to.
    Our church tried a new approach to VBS. Just 3 evenings with parent involvement required, we have over 220 children in our Kids Celebration ( SS) ministry just at our latham site so getting the parents involved required less staff. Apparently it was a hit!
    Conversation i had this last week that was special to me was with my Uncle Cliff.
    And we enjoyed fresh farm tomatoes i bought at farmers market. I had them with deli roasted turkey slice, an avacado slice, a thin slice of cheddar cheese, arugula and a tiny bit of vegan mayo. Yummy!!!

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend.


  • 2. Dianna  |  . at .

    I love that your son rescued that Swallowtail cocoon and super-glued it to a tree! Glad you were there when the butterfly emerged! I’ve not had that experience, but our granddaughters have watched it several times when they did it as a homeschool experiment. I’ve not rescued anything in nature.

    Our library (about 20 minutes away) is very small and as far as I know they don’t have the e-lending capacity. But I do love to read and normally I either use the Kindle or a book that I have purchased.

    When I walk it is usually in early morning with my husband. It is always a special time.

    I’ve so enjoyed reading about your blessings this week!


  • 3. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Our library does have downloadable ebooks, but, though I do read ebooks, I have not tried the library’s yet. I am not sure if they have audiobooks you can download or listen to at home yet.

    How thoughtful of your son to rescue the cocoon, and what neat privilege to see the butterfly emerge!

    Sounds like a wonderful time with your kids! I feel stupid for saying this, but I did not know there were male and female flowers. I knew some flowers were pollinated by birds and bees, but I never thought through how that worked, I probably had it in school but forget long ago.


  • 4. wendyj59  |  . at .

    I love my library but I don’t often get e-books from there. I usually look for offers in the kindle store or use any book tokens I might have to get e-books.


  • 5. lynette yoes  |  . at .

    I don’t do e-books but what I love about the Library is requesting books online.
    We had 2 quails in the backyard on Thursday. First time to see Quails.
    The rest of my weeks grat’s are on my blog.
    Have great and grateful weekend.


  • 6. Willow  |  . at .

    I love how you ask a question with each fave. I don’t read ebooks much and I never listen to audio books. We walk almost every evening and since our neighborhood is rife with bunnies, I greet each one I encounter with a “Hi Bunny!” We see a lot of deer, too. I had a meet up with a friend this week which lasted almost six hours! Since we buy almost all our produce at the farmers market, we have lots and lots of yummy fresh veggies. My spring/summer garden is nearly done but we are still getting a daily supply of kale.
    Have a happy week!


  • 7. Susanne  |  . at .

    A fun list of fives last week! I love all that libraries have for people to enjoy. While I’m not an digital reader I still think it’s wonderful that they offer that privilege to those that enjoy that format. How fun that you saw the butterfly emerge. I’ve never seen that. My favorite nature thing this week has been water. Lake water, beaches, streams, all of them helped to relax me during my vacation.

    In answer to your question about Christmas books, I have to confess that I’m not a Christmas themed reader at that time of year and I think the only one I have ever read is “The Great Christmas Bowl” by Susan May Warren and I enjoyed it. It’s really short. Maybe Barbara H. from Stray Thoughts would be able to advise better.



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