Kindness is Trick-or-Treating

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“Cor, all I have to say is, ‘Trick-or-Treat’ and people will give me sweets?” Robbie asked this multiple times during the car ride to Bentwaters Air Force base which was 80 miles northeast of London, England).

I assured him that was true. My two kiddos, Tim (6) and Elizabeth (5) had several Halloweens under their belt and knew the drill. But for Jamie (7) and Robbie (3 1/2) this was their first time since this holiday wasn’t observed in England. We had three more delightful Octobers together exchanging sweets for a three word sentence before we moved back to the United States.

Candy is universally loved whether you are a child or an adult. So I decided to give out Halloween candy to my neighbors as a way to get to know them. Of the 14 apartments near mine, i “knew” only one lady (because of her friendly cat.

However, this giving had a twist. I was going to reverse trick-or-treat.

  • I would go to their homes.
  • I would do this on a night other than Halloween because I hoped to catch my neighbors at home.
  • They didn’t have to say, ‘Trick-or-Treat.’
  • And if they weren’t home, I planned to leave the treats on the door step.

This is a sample of what I left for those who didn’t answer their door.

As a shy, introvert, I was so nervous. On the first night I went to six apartments.

  • I talked two people who were quite receptive to my gesture of friendship.
  • One lady ran from me into her apartment. I put the goodies by her front door.
  • Two apartments had packages on their porch, so I left my treats on top.
  • At one home, the occupant opened the door when I left. I heard the creaking so I said, “Oh, good, you are home.” Their reply was a slammed door. I left their treats on the door step.

I was so discouraged by these results. But last night, I tried it again. I dropped off treats for eight more apartments.

  • Two people weren’t home. Again I left their goodies by the door.
  • One person  didn’t answer the door. I could hear him talking. But he got treats, as well.
  • I talked to five neighbors! Four of the neighbors were happy to meet me.

In total six ladies were glad I knocked on their doors to introduce myself. Kindness is getting to know your neighbors. Kindness is reverse trick-or-treating to do just that.

Your Turn . . .  How well do you know your neighbors? . . . Would you try reverse trick-or-treating as a way to introduce yourself to your neighbors? Why or why not? . . . How did you get to know your neighbors?

You can practice being kind by leaving me a comment. 

Please leave me an idea or two that I can add to my acts of kindness list. The idea can be intentional or random.

Want to know what other acts of Kindness are on the list? Go to my Landing Page . . Scattering Kindness: A 31 Day Adventure of Intentional & Random Acts of Service.  

This post is part of #Write31Days where bloggers write every day in October on one topic. I am writing about Acts of Kindness, random and otherwise. It will be interesting to note how I am different and/or how my community is different.


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Kindness is Being a Friendly Driver Kindness is Feeding People

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  • 1. wendyj59  |  . at .

    It’s taken a while for Trick or Treat and other Halloween traditions to catch on here in the UK. For many of the older generation it hasn’t caught on at all and the constant knocking on the door can be a real issue for them. Parents with any sense steer their kids towards neighbours or friends they know and keep clear of elderly people who might not appreciate the tradition. Personally I always have treats available but I don’t get that many callers.


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  • 3. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    I can see how some might view it as weird or suspicious if they don’t know you. If someone came to my door offering candy and I had never seen them before, I don’t think I’d take it. But hopefully these neighbors have seen you around, even just going from the car to the apartment. I’m glad some ladies did accept your gift, and I hope this is the start of good friendships!

    We live on a small cul-de-sac, so we don’t have too many neighbors. Most of them greeted us when we first moved in, and we chat occasionally when we see each other outside. One used to organize neighborhood cookouts with our street and the next, but I think it got to be too big a production, even with everyone pitching in.

    I just skimmed through your list and didn’t see this, so forgive me if I overlooked it, but one that’s hard for me (yet I need to do more) is just taking time to listen attentively. So often, whether at home with family or out running errands, I am caught up with what needs to be done and can resent being interrupted, much less becoming part of a conversation. I have to remind myself often that people are more important than tasks. The tasks do still need to get done, but not at the expense of interacting kindly.


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