5 Items to Include on Every Bucket List: Love People Better

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Some of our attitudes/actions can put chains around our heart. What can we do to gain freedom from these unhealthy behaviours?

LOVE PEOPLE BETTER. I think that most of us have some variation of this aspiration on our own resolution’s list. Because frankly, people are hard to like and love at times. WE are hard to like and love at times. And too many times we are faulty in our ability and desire to love, forgive, and heal (to our detriment).

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So is loving people better achievable? The answer to that question is, “Yes.” What are your suggestions?

Below is a list of my suggestions. They are in no particular order . . . 

  • Cultivate loving actions and words. Decide what you’ll do and when. And then follow through. Need ideas? Check out this post on some actions you could do.
  • Practice forgiveness. When we don’t have an ongoing practice of forgiveness, we lug around bitterness and blame.  Need help? Try one/some of the following: counseling, read appropriate books, journal, group therapy, talk with a wise friend or spiritual leader.
  • Memorize I Corinthians 13. But do more than memorize it. Put the words into action. I especially like this version. I memorized this Scripture with a friend. The accountability, for memorization and action, was life-changing. The truth in these words helped me to love others better.
  • Pray Regularly. Pray for mercy and love to fill your heart. Prayer is powerful. Prayer changes us. Read this post to see 5 ways prayer impacts us. 
  • Boundaries are a must. Set appropriate boundaries. I answered this question about boundaries here.
  • Know their story. Know it until compassion fills your heart. Be compassionate like God. It will move you to love others better.
  • Take time to know others. Put them on your schedule. Make some history with them. As we make history with others, as we get to know their story, we will feel bonded to them. And this will lead to better loving.
  • Drop unrealistic expectations. Read my post on There Can Be No Trust When Perfection is Your Goal.
  • Do something kind. Do something kind again and again until kind becomes habitual. I wrote about kindness here and also here and another here.
  • Do one thing that would make a difference to someone else. Do something that doesn’t require you being “paid” back. This type of selfless attitude/action grows love in us for others.

I LOVE the idea of bucket lists. I want my bucket list to be a force for good and cause growth in me and others.Therefore I have five things on my Life Bucket List.

  1. Introduction
  2. More Gratitude
  3. Love People Better
  4. Love God Better
  5. Love Myself Better
  6. Love My Enemy.

As the post goes live, I will hot-link the title.

Your Turn . . . What is your best tip for loving people better? . . .  What will you do this week to show your love?

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