Friday’s Fave Five – July 12, 2019

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Four weeks ago, this past Wednesday, I tripped while running in the Philadelphia airport to catch a connecting flight to SFO.

Long story short, I missed my flight to SFO; instead, an ambulance took me to the Jefferson Methodist Emergency room.

I have to make a side note here, I really appreciated the paramedics that attended me. I wish I had the presence of mind to thank them for their attention, professionalism, and care.

Five hours, one x-ray, and one CT scan later, a cab deposited me back at the Philly airport. My daughter met me at SFO (about 9pm) and drove me home even though she’d been up since 3 o’clock that morning.

Edited to add: I  chipped a triangular piece of bone off my lesser tubercle (on the right humerus bone under the ball and joint) and there was a fracture at that point also.

This is what my arm looked like one week after the accident. … My arm bruise is now only about the size of a small apple and is not in vivid colour anymore. Sorry, no photo as I cannot manage that action by myself – yet!

More of my healing details are in my FFF list.

Here are my faves this week – and in TRUTH, it would be easy to list more than five things just related to my shoulder.

  1. I saw the surgeon on Monday and she was pleased with the bone regrowth so far. Therefore, I can start physical therapy on Thursday, July 18. It’ll probably be at least four more weeks before I can drive.
  2. The pain is managed with Tylenol and Motrin, usually needed only at night. Ice, heat, and arnica gel have also helped a lot.
  3. As of this week, I am more mobile: I can now dress myself, feed myself with my right hand, and put on my own seatbelt in the car.
  4. I worked a full work week from my office.
  5. After a meeting yesterday, a friend took me to the store to drop off donations at the Goodwill and get supplies for a breakfast we are having at church on Sunday. She also helped me figure out a meal to take to someone who had surgery this week. The assigned person couldn’t do it at the last minute.

All-in-all, a great week.

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  • 1. officeann  |  . at .

    So you broke your shoulder? What an awful injury!! Glad that you are doing some better. –Ann

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  • 2. faitheturner  |  . at .

    Oh my!!!! You broke your shoulder?? Oh praise God there were paramedics called on and you are on the mend!

    Praying for continued healing.

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  • 3. Barbara Harper  |  . at .

    Oh wow, Susan! I imagine that hurt for a long time. I’m glad you’re healing well and had such great care. In your place, I would be so frustrated with the inconvenience of it all — I hope that’s not the case for you, but if it is, I pray for grace for that. Trusting God will work even this for good, and praying for continued healing.


  • 4. wendyj59  |  . at .

    That’s a horrible thing to break because it does leave you very incapacitated. (Some years back my MIL broke both and had to be admitted to a care home until she was healed enough to be able to do things for herself). Good to know you’re healing well and will be able to start physio soon. And that you’re managing to do some work. I can only imagine how frustrating it’s all been. Hope your recovery continues well.


  • 5. Willow  |  . at .

    Oh my, Susan. I can’t imagine the pain. Yes, I see why every one of your faves has to do with your recovery. I hope you continue to heal well and quickly. How blessed you are to have your daughter so near to you so she can help you with transportation and everything else.


  • 6. Susanne  |  . at .

    Oh my goodness that sounds and looks painful. So glad you were able to get quick help. I’m sure the paramedics knew you were thankful. They know you were in pain and shock and upset. I hate how a traveler needs to run to connections in airports. We saw that when we traveled too. That should not even be a thing.


  • 7. evsparrow  |  . at .

    So glad to see you are healing!



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