Friday’s Fave Five July 26, 2019

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It has been 6 weeks since I broke my shoulder and I am still recuperating. Last Thursday, I started physical therapy to increase my range-of-motion. I have to do 6 exercises 5 times a day. That is hard and by the end of the day, my arm HURTS. So pain management has been an issue again.

ONE. HELP. I asked on Facebook for ideas from folks who deal with chronic pain on how to stay emotionally and spiritually balanced during this time. I received help. The answers folks gave weren’t, for the most part, new to me. But I needed to hear each one. For some reason, when the pain is unrelenting, I forget the things that will help; Like icing, listening to upbeat music, and being around people who will point me to God. I want to write a post about all the things folks suggested. I will print it out so it is an easy reference for when I am fretful and can’t think what to do to help myself.

TWO. SCRIPTURE. Several folks reminded me about the power of God’s Word to calm a fretful soul. And I was reminded about the power of praise to adjust one’s focus. Which is why I am back to writing an FFF. Psalm 42:11 – Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise Him, my salvation and my God.

THREE. SKILLS. I can do several more things this week. (1) I can wash and dry my face with both hands. (2) I can brush my teeth with my right hand. (3) I can wash my hair with both hands. (4) I can turn off the twisty knob on my floor lamp; (5) I can type for about 5 minutes before it is too painful. Even though there is a lot I cannot do, I am training myself to focus on my progress.

FOUR. NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY. My church celebrated this “holiday” last Sunday. Folks brought their fave single-serve ice cream to our Fellowship Hall.. We ate that and studied the book of Galatians. We listened to The Bible Project’s Overview of Galatians.  We read the book in small groups and pairs. And we concluded by answering a few questions. This was an encouraging and fun time.

FIVE. FINISHED. My daughter turned in her final project for the braille transcribing course she’d been studying for the past year and a half. It will probably take 6-8 weeks before she receives her grade. A grader reads the 35 braille pages, marks any errors, and writes Elizabeth a letter with her grade. Then it gets mailed back to California from Maryland. We hope she receives it much sooner. I am so proud of Elizabeth for finishing this course. She created a Facebook group for folks going through this course: Literary Braille Transcribing Study Group. It started with one person and now has 165 people. After Elizabeth posted her manuscript at the post office, we had frozen yogurt (first) and then ate at Mod pizza (they have gluten-free crusts).

BONUS. PHOTO. Even though my son and his family moved to VA in June, I am still connected to them. One of the best ways is via Facetime. My grandgirls and I like to take photos of each other while we visit. This is one of the latest photos of the two older girls.

Your Turn . . . Share your praises from this week in the comments below or link a post to Living to Tell the Story.  . . . Also, please share what you do when you feel fretful in mind and spirit. I’d like more ideas.

Related Posts . . . I need to go back through my old posts about chronic pain. I see that I can remind myself of some helpful things.

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  • 1. Barbara Harper  |  . at .

    Great progress! I’m so sorry for the increased pain, though. Good work on finding ways to alleviate it and celebrating new skills. Congratulations to your daughter! How did I miss ice cream day?! I mentioned on last week’s FFF being thankful that they make lactose-free ice cream now. I had been without it for years until someone invented this version. Yay!


  • 2. faitheturner  |  . at .

    I’m an expert on chronic pain.ha!! I had the Lyme disease pain for over 8 months while docs were trying to figure out thatmit was actually Lyme. And i had lower back pain for 12 weeks with sciatica for 4. Ugh. First: i HIGHLY recommend a chiropractor once your PT is done because SO MUCH of our pain is from our spine. 2. I read as many scriptures on HEALING as i can and i pray them over my self and call three of mt closest intercessor prayer warriors to keep me in prayer. Currently I’m dealing with upper back pain from a strain. I read a Psalm before bed and i also get my husband to massage my neck or feet to take my mind off the pain, also, reading a good book while icing and watching Netflix with ice pack kills two birds with one stone: icing plus rest while watching some


  • 3. faitheturner  |  . at .

    Ops sorry. That should say above while watching something on the bucket list,
    I will pray for continued healing for you!

    Your granddaughters are adorable!!
    The ice cream Bible Study sounds perfect!

    To clarify: the lake i was at last weekend is NOT a national park. It’s a New York State Park. We don’t live near any national parks but we do live in a region if NY thatmhas many many National Historical Sites or National Historical landmarks……most dating back to the Revolutionary War,

    Happy weekend!


  • 4. wendyj59  |  . at .

    Sorry to hear you are still experiencing so much pain but glad to see you have reached out for help. The internet is a great way of finding support and information so that you don’t have to go through things alone. Your granddaughters are adorable and again it’s so much easier to keep in touch now. Hopefully by next week you will have acquired more skills.


  • 5. Susanne  |  . at .

    Physio does produce pain but good for you for not giving up. So important to do the program to keep your mobility! I’m glad you got some good advice and reminders of things you already know. It sounds like you do have much progress to be celebrated. Hopefully the rest will come quickly and with the minimum amount of added pain. Facetime and skype is such a wonderful thing for families to be able to stay in touch.


  • 6. Willow  |  . at .

    I am sorry you are having the chronic pain. I love that you have found good advice and Scripture to help you. The pain will lessen…
    We love our skype times with our grandgirl!



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