Friday’s Fave Five – September 20, 2019

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It is Friday, so it is time to share five favourite blessings. That’s why we call it Friday’s Fave Five or FFF.

ONE. I have a new Physical Therapist and thus renewed hope. I just wasn’t healing well. My PT and I just weren’t connecting. I got a 2nd opinion last week. My arm is back in jail (in the brace); but I am already noticing less pain and more sleep and energy. I am HAPPY dance full of gratitude for this blessing.

TWO. God helped me write (my sermon) and share it. Without God’s enabling power, I would not have been able to do either action. Sunday’s topic was GRACE Listen to this to find out why grace is like super-hyper-abounding, crashing waves. I am thankful for God’s help and for all I learned about grace.

THREE. This video will make you laugh, think, and feel differently about God’s grace. My two favorite quotes — “I [Jesus] took the unforgivable and made it forgivable,”  — “Andrew, my face is smiling, but I [Peter] am serious.” — I am thankful for Christ’s forgiveness and for laughter.

FOUR. I went to a meetup with Sacramento Cake4Kids bakers this week. It was great meeting people, participating in a tool swap, hearing from an agency we partner with, and making a celebratory cake topper. I am grateful that I am part of a ministry that bakes cakes (and other treats) so kiddos can celebrate their birthdays. Some have actually never had a birthday cake. NEVER!

FIVE. I more than survived a PEP field trip. The folks over 55 at church (PEP) went to Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens. I was nervous about going because I remembered that the trails are uneven, rocky, and steep in places. Normally, that wouldn’t be an issue. But with my brace on, I felt very vulnerable and worried about falling.

I brought my walking stick and a plan. My plan was if I felt too scared about the path, I would just find a nearby bench and sit to wait for the group to come back. I kept my focus on the bits right before me.

That’s the best way to handle life when it is overwhelming or scary: just look at the bits to do that are right in front of you. (Right?)

With Marsha and Gail’s encouragement, I was able to make it all the way to the top and down.Usually one was before me and the other one was behind me. I am thankful for these ladies.

I never realized how handy a walking stick is. I am thankful for this piece of equipment.

None of us fell. All of us had a good time. Half of us made it to the top. All of us enjoyed the scenery and the beauty around us. All of this good news also went on my gratitude list.

This list has more than 5 THANKS. I am sure I will not get into trouble for that! Leave a comment below or share your post at Living to Tell the Story.

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  • 1. faitheturner  |  . at .

    Well it sounds like you,had a full week. Glad you found a PT that is starting to help you. I cant hike anymore without my hiking stick for sure!! Good for you!! Happy weekend!


  • 2. Barbara Harper  |  . at .

    I’m glad you found a new PT that you connected better with. I’m thinking of changing primary care doctors for similar reasons. Hope you continue to improve! I’m glad you braved the hike even though feeling vulnerable and had good friends along the way. What a neat idea with the cake baking.


  • 3. A spirit of simplicity  |  . at .

    I would have been nervous about walking on unstable ground if my arm was in a brace also. I’m glad you were able to do it.


  • 4. Willow  |  . at .

    Hurray for you being so brave! I’m glad you were able to finish the whole walk around the garden.
    I love your ending faves–no one fell; we all had a good time. That’s like when people ask me how I am. I answer that I am up and walking around, I have clean water, and no one shot at me today.
    Here’s another word for you: lanthorn. I had to look it up!


  • 5. Susanne  |  . at .

    Love the little lesson from the hike. That is a good one to remember and good for you for being brave and doing that hike. And how wonderful for your friends to surround you giving you confidence and keeping you safe.



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