Friday’s Fave Five – October 18, 2019

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Finding and sharing favourite events, people, things, and places from our past week is a regular thing some of us do. This practice helps us tune into gratitude. We then post our top five at Susanne’s blog. 

Here is my offering. It is not very wordy since I am being extra diligent about not using my afflicted right arm and now left hand (due to trigger thumb).

One. Blankets. Warm, soft blankets which chase away the chill autumn nights bring.

Two. Volunteers. I appreciate volunteers who cook meals for others, make reminder phone phones, tackle the mound of copying, and attend to a list of other items. They are my right hand!

Three. Walking partners. Usually, my daughter is my solo partner, but this week I also got to have a long walk with my sister. While I like walking by myself, walking with others is a different kind of delight.

Four. Birthday celebration. One of my niece’s turned 18 this past week. It was a joy to celebrate her with both a birthday breakfast (waffles and ice cream) and a birthday dinner. We partied around the fire pit. Emily is definitely a woman of talent, joy, ideas, affection, and intelligence.

Five. Surprise. I was getting ready for work the other morning when there was a knock at the door. Jeanette came to drop off a box of Halloween baking supplies she bought for $4 at Falling Prices: cookie cutters, sprinkles and tube icing. And then she took me to work. That latter was a lovely surprise for my daughter as then she didn’t have to drive me.

As you noticed, it is hard for me to write only a few words.

Your Turn . . . Leave your own comment of gratitude or write a post and link up at Living to Tell the Story.

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  • 1. Barbara Harper  |  . at .

    Oh no–that’s hard to have both arms affected. I’m glad you have available helpers.


  • 2. faitheturner  |  . at .

    Love this list of faves!,

    The birthday celebration sounds heavenly!

    Praise God for helpful volunteers and friends and family to walk with.

    Happy weekend!


  • 3. officeann  |  . at .

    Sounds ike you are in a difficult situation with your arms. Nice surprise!!! –Ann


  • 4. wendyj59  |  . at .

    Well you wrote a lot despite your arm and thumb issues. I hope they improve soon. Must be frustrating but great to have volunteers to help our, especially those that come with nice surprises! Enjoy your weekend.


  • 5. Karen Clark  |  . at .

    The birthday celebration sounds like a great day. I could definitely get into the waffles and ice cream for breakfast! Sending good thoughts for healing your way. It’s nice to have helpful people along the way.


  • 6. Willow  |  . at .

    uh oh. I’m sorry you are having problems with both arms/hands. (Can you learn to type with your toes??)
    How nice to have volunteers and helpers.
    I agree with you on the walks with others to balance out the solitary walks. I love both, but mostly I love my evening wallks with The Professor
    And Happy Birthday to your niece!


  • 7. Susanne  |  . at .

    Oh dear. Sorry to hear that now the other hand is having issues. So glad you have had some help during this. Happy birthday to your niece. 18th birthdays are such a milestone.



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