Friday’s Fave Five – November 21, 2019

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Time to ponder blessings from the past week. But since the best gratitude practice is both reflective AND expressive, I will share, in writing, what five of them are. To join us in this expressive practice, go to Susanne’s place and link up your five.

ONE. Painfree (almost). My shoulder pain level is usually at a one, sometimes a two. It is only worse when I am doing physical therapy. Such happy news. I am grateful;l for this turn of events.

TWO. Decluttering. I’ve have decluttered two areas at work. WOW – that feels good and looks even better. I am grateful for the time and ENERGY to be able to do this.

THREE. Helpers. Once again, I have to thank the volunteers who help me get so much done at work. There is no way I could do what I do without them. I am grateful for their time, energy, enthusiasm, and skills.

FOUR. Fieldtrip. I am lucky to be able to get paid to go on field trips. Saturday night some PEPers (ages 55+) and I went to a candlelight tour at Sutter’s Fort. We got to tour 7 spots in the fort and listen in on conversations “from inhabitants … as they gossip about their neighbors and comment on the current events of 1846.” It was informative, interesting, and funny. We ended the tour in the dining room where we had a choice of pie and hot beverage. There was even gluten-free options. And we went away with a handcrafted acorn ornament. I am grateful for the folks who join in on such fun and that my job has these “perks.”

FIVE. Reading. Some weeks I barely read; other weeks, I am a reading fiend. This past week I finished two books: Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars and Reindeer & Robberies: A Cruise Ship Mystery (Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Book 15). Both were for a book club. There were very different and yet both were enjoyable in different ways. I am grateful for the time to read and for the wide variety of books available.

Please share your fave five blessings from this week.

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  • 1. Barbara Harper  |  . at .

    So glad your shoulder pain is at a minimum! It does feel nice to get some areas decluttered. Yay for good helpers! The field trip sounds so fun! the Rocket Girls books sounds really good. Have you ever seen Hidden Figures, the movie based on those women? So good.


  • 2. faitheturner  |  . at .

    Praise the Lord for minimal pain!! That is truly a blessing, Susan!
    how wonderful to have good volunteers. And what a fun and interesting field trip! I love reading. I just wrote a couple of book reviews on my blog. I loved one and one was good but so heavy of a topic (racism). I hope you have a restful weekend and a happy Thanksgiving.


  • 3. wendyj59  |  . at .

    Sounds like a great week with reduced pain, productivity and relaxation time. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  • 4. Willow  |  . at .

    Hurray that your pain levels are getting lower and lower!
    That tour of Ft. Sutter sounds like a really interesting activity. And you get paid to do it! Win-win!
    You asked about the author I’m reading. It’s C.A. Larmer, The Agatha Christie Book Club is the first book–they are set in Australia.
    Happy Thanksgiving Week!


  • 5. Susanne  |  . at .

    What great news about the should pain decreasing! The tour sounds like it was lots of fun. And you got paid. Double blessing. Rise of the Rocket Girls sounds interesting. I’m reading something similar: Hidden Figures. But boy, oh boy, is it ever dense with technical info and characters.



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