Friday’s Fave Five – December 6, 2019

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It is good for me to reflect on the blessings in my life on a regular basis. Right now, I do that weekly. That will have to do until I do this on a daily basis.

Won’t you ponder with us? Go to this link. I am grateful that Suzanne has this weekly meme that keeps us chugging along on the gratitude train.

Here are five of my blessings in no particular order.

ONE. Because of food poisoning, I wasn’t able to write/post last week’s FFF or even go to Thanksgiving dinner with the family. I am grateful for the texts of love I received. And I am grateful for the leftovers that I enjoyed for several days after I felt I could safely eat.

TWO. I found a great deal on beautiful, red poinsettias. So I bought a bunch to deliver to the folks in the areas of ministry that I oversee at church: small groups, women’s ministry, and senior (55+) ministry. I delivered the lovely plants and had an opportunity to chat with most of the recipients. I felt encouraged. I hope “my” people did, too. I am grateful for the dedication, godliness, and love each of these folks display in their work and towards the people they touch. And of course, I was delighted/grateful for the poinsettias.

THREE. A friend, Jeanette, took me to a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. Despite a little vertigo, we made it safely up and down to/from our seats. While not very nutritious, we had a tasty hot dog dinner. And, of course, the show was spectacular. The lights! The orchestra! The songs! Spending time with my friend! I am grateful for this great way to start the holiday season.

Two of our ladies couldn’t make it. But it was still a fun, nurturing time.

FOUR. At my December women’s book club we had a cookie exchange in addition to discussing this book. It was helpful to discuss how we could reach out to some who are having a hard time this season. We also prayed for one of our members who is having a hard time. I am grateful for this group that has become close-knit. We’ve been meeting for 2 years now. I made these cranberry orange shortbread cookies and they were yummy.

FIVE. We are having our PEP 55+ Christmas dinner on Saturday. Rusty, one of the chefs, also created the shopping list and did the shopping. He dropped off all the food at the kitchen yesterday. I am grateful for his attention to detail and selflessness in taking on this holiday project.

Have a week full of pondered blessings, my friends.


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  • 1. faitheturner  |  . at .

    A great list of faves minus the food poisoning!! Funny story: one time i THOT i had food poisoning. When i told the doc about it she said Nope. Just a stomach virus. I asked how does she know the difference? She said because food poisoning usually only lasts a day or less, and the pain is usually severe. and the other for 48 hrs. I’ve never forgotten it and yup…..two years ago i did have food poisoning and it’s NO fun! Glad you’re feeling better !

    To answer your questions: no, we don’t get to see claire dance on Monday night because of UNH being a 4 hr drive and my husband and i can’t leave our jobs right now,

    And my small group meetings usually last from 6:45-8:30 pm. The first 15 min is social/coffee/tea time and the last 10 min is prayer.our church divides the calendar year into a teacher’s year ( which works for me!!😀). We have fall semester classes and small groups, latewinter/spring semester and some groups meet during late spring/early summer, almost every group or ministry has August off except regular church of course and Youth Group. Next semester I’ll be leading a women of faith study, i can’t wait!!

    Have a blessed weekend,


  • 2. wendyj59  |  . at .

    Sorry to hear you were unwell at Thanksgiving. I hope you’re fully recovered now especially with such a busy week! The cookies look yummy. Hope the dinner goes well today.


  • 3. A spirit of simplicity  |  . at .

    Oh…cranberry orange shortbread cookies sound absolutely delicious! Three of my very favourite flavours.


  • 4. Barbara Harper  |  . at .

    I’m so sorry you had food poisoning over Thanksgiving! I’m glad you got to enjoy the great leftovers. Sounds like the rest of the week was wonderful. What fun outings and gatherings. And how kind of you to share the poinsettias.


  • 5. Willow  |  . at .

    What a bad time to get sick–I do hope you are feeling well now.
    Were your concert seats way way up in what we call ‘the nose bleed section”? 🙂 I figured that is why you had the vertigo. But it’s still a wonderful place to listen to a concert and enjoy the lighting.
    I *heart* poinsettias! What a wonderful gift!


  • 6. Susanne  |  . at .

    Oh not fun having food poisoning over Thanksgiving. So nice that everyone gave you leftover goodies for afterwards though. Hope you are fully recovered now. How nice to deliver poinsettas to people in areas of ministry. I’m sure it was wonderful to be thought of in that way. And praise God for the deal. What fun having a cookie exchange.



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