5 Reasons Winter is a Bother

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Sometimes you can’t put on enough clothes to stay warm.

Of all the seasons, winter is my least favorite. The winter season, December 21, 2020 – March 19, 2020, lasts too long. It is cold. It is a lonelier season because people tend to hibernate during this time.

Let me tell you my top five reasons winter is a bother.

  1. Where are my things? I have lovely mittens and scarves, but I lose track of them. Plus, I don’t really care to wear extra clothing, coat included.
  2. Don’t have much cold-weather clothing. I don’t wear my clothing according to season because the buildings are kept warm. Therefore, I have no need for long sleeves or extra warm clothing. And the weather doesn’t stay cold for that long. So I end up being cold when I travel from car to building to home.
  3. Candles aren’t really an option. I’d like to light my long, dark nights with candles but I forget to buy and then light them. And due to allergies, I have to be cautious about the candle scents.
  4. Walking is out because of the rain. I cannot take my walks because California winters are normally rainy and slippery. I don’t mind walking in the rain, but as I get older, I need to be and want to be extra cautious about being around slippery places. Although, this season, we are low on rain so walking outside is a go.
  5. Darkness causes depression. GRAY skies, fog, and lack of natural light for much of the winter cause me to feel sad for extended periods of time.

Your Turn . . . Why do you think winter is a bother? Or, if you like winter, why?

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