Kindness is Writing a Thank You Note

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What do kindness and thank you notes have in common?

The thesaurus gives the following words as synonyms for kindness:

 Affection, Empathy, Goodwill, Humaneness, Rapport, Regard, Responsiveness, and Sensitivity.

Writing a well-thought-out thank you note takes the above-mentioned traits. Therefore, writing a thank you note is a kind action.

We can write a thank you note for a physical gift, encouraging words, a thoughtful action, or for a sacrificial action. When writing, we need to be purposeful about how to say the person makes us feel.

I recently sent thank you notes to ladies who volunteer in a coffee hour ministry I oversee. I asked one of the recipients if she felt encouraged by the card or if there was some better way I could thank her.

“In today’s business world, one hardly ever gets thanked and certainly never with a written note,” she said. “Getting your thank you note really showed how much you appreciated what I do. And it showed what I do is valuable.” That is exactly what I hoped the result would be.

Writing thank you notes seems to be a rare but effective gesture. I am good at writing them. However, I must confess I am bad at actually sending them. I seem to lose the card even after I’ve taken the time to address and stamp it.

Writing and sending thank yous is something I want to get better at and do more often. In fact. I want to make this a weekly to-do. How about you?

Your Turn . . .

  • When was the last time you received a thank-you note? How did it make you feel?
  • When was the last time you wrote a thank-you note? Tell us who you will thank this week and why.

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