Kindness is Sitting With Someone

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On most Sundays, a majority of people sit in the same spot at church. They do this out of habit, so they can see or hear better, so they can socialize with their seat buddies, or so they can leave the sanctuary mid-service (for a potty break or to tend a child) without disturbing a lot of people.

Plus, doing so brings pleasant feelings. Regularly sitting in the same area gives people a sense of belonging and familiarity. These feelings enhance the worship experience.

If you are new, shy, or haven’t made friends yet, you probably don’t have a set seat. And worse yet, if you take someone’s set-seat, sometimes you are given a frown or shooed away. All this can lead to feeling like an outsider.

Let me suggest one thing. The next time you go to church, sit with someone who is alone. Or invite him/her to sit with you. Doing this sends the message that you are inviting him/her into your sphere of friends. It is a kind thing to do.

Kindness is making a point to sit with someone who is alone.

Need a refresher on what kindness looks like? Kindness is caring, considerate, friendly, hospitable, observant. A kind person wants others to feel like they, too, belong.

Your Turn . . .

  1. Do you have a special spot you like to sit when you attend church?
  2. How do you feel when someone sits there?
  3. When was the last time you purposefully sat with someone who was alone?
  4. Tell about a time someone did that for you.

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