ABC’s Form A Gratitude List

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On this 6th day of Thanks Living, I am writing a gratitude list using the ABC’s as my guide.

Sometimes it is hard to come up with things, actions, people, and/or events to be grateful for. Adding this specific, the word has to start with a certain letter, helps me to come up with ideas more quickly.

A – Adult Children: I am grateful for these relationships. They are more like peers, now.

B – Books: This is the item I have the most of in my home. I probably spend the most time on these as a hobby.
C – Cake4Kids: I am grateful to bake for this organization that pairs bakers with underserved children. We mainly bake birthday cakes.

D – Dirt: This is required in order to have a garden. I love gardening.

E – Eggs: I especially like an omelet with cheese, mushrooms, onion, and ham. Best breakfast

F – French Fries: I like them hot and with salt and catsup.

G – Glasses: If I didn’t have these, I would be so blind.

H – Home office: I am grateful to have an office at home.

I –  Inky pens: These are a joy to write with.

J – Juggling: I am proud that I can do this, although not well. It was a fun learning process.

K – Kindness: I most appreciate this trait in people and God. I am learning to be better at this.

L – Libby: An app with my library that lets me check out eBooks, audios, and movies. I appreciate the convenience of check out and check in.

M – Media: I love all social media, FB, Twitter, blogs, and Insta. I like how there can be connection, information sharing, and encouragement.

N – Nutrition: What I eat absolutely impacts my health and how I feel. I am grateful to have access to healthy food.

O – Operation Christmas Child: Shopping and filling up boxes for this ministry, makes me feel like I am helping the poorest of the poor in a concrete way.

P – Psalms journal: This journal has artwork and my reflections. I am slow, so it will probably be a couple more years before I am done.

Q – Questions: I am curious about people, the world, and the Bible. That’s why I ask. Do you think I ask too many questions?

R – Rain: I am grateful for the “nourishment” it provides, the puddles it makes, and the sound on the roof.

S – Sensible Shoes (book) series: These books were well liked by my book club. We learned a lot about spiritual disciplines and each other.

T – To-do lists: I make these for everything. Of course, I enjoy crossing off the completed items. I also get energized making them.

U – Unicorns: I’ve appreciated unicorns since I was a teen. Now my grands like them.

V – Vacation: My next one is at Christmas. I’ll be seeing my East coast family.

W – Worship: By myself at home, in the car, or with others at church, this is something that improves my mood and relationship with God.

X – XO (abbreviation for Hugs and Kisses) – Of COURSE this is a FAVOURITE!

Y – Yahweh: I am grateful to know Him as King, Lord, and Saviour.

Z – Zero emails inbox: Great challenge and great feeling every time I’ve accomplished this. 

Your Turn …

  • Can you relate to anything on my list?
  • Write your own list and share in the comments.

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