Volunteering Boosts Gratitude

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On this 7th day of Thanks Living, I choose to volunteer and to think on the blessings associated with it.

Being part of a group that helps others is a must in my life. It reminds me that life isn’t all about me. It reinforces the idea that my energy is renewed and my mood is elevated when I give my time, resources, money, and talents for the betterment of others, animals, and/or nature. Additionally, I find volunteering is more delightful when I can volunteer with others.

I also become more grateful for what I have and what I am able to do.

Today I was part of a Sunday school teacher training. Folks willingly spent their afternoon getting filled with vision, information, and training. Camaraderie was a great side-benefit. So was the delicious homemade pie, whipped cream, and ice cream that others in the church provided.

I am grateful for the people I spent time with today.  They were fun, friendly, and attentive. Helpful ideas were shared. I like being with them in ministry settings and outside of church. We motivate each other.

I am grateful that I spent time doing this today. I came away with six points I want to use or think on more. I am more enthused to help in the classrooms, pray for this ministry more consistently, and to grow my own faith more diligently and in a more transparent matter.

Your Turn …

  1. What impact does volunteering have on you?
  2. If you attended the training, what was one of your take-aways?

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