Quote Note Book Helps Broaden Gratitude Definition

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On the 15th Day of Thanks Living I choose to keep gratitude quotes all in one place.

Words hold power. Certain sentences are worth saving.

This is because we are impacted by the feelings, the insight, or the information they impart. Some of us collect quotes.

  • We underline them in the material we read.
  • We share them on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We find the perfect picture to go with the quote and post on Instagram.
  • We write them on random pieces of paper.
  • The well-organized, collect the quotes in a WORD document or in a notebook.

I like to periodically reread them. That reminds me of WHY I saved that quote. Then I feel motivated, or more healing happens, or I laugh. In the case of a gratitude quote notebook, the sentences help broaden my view of gratitude.

I am usually one of those that writes quotes everywhere. Sometimes, I write them in a WORD document and then my computer crashes. And then, oh, no, no more quote file. I ‘ve written blog posts with quotes. I’ve even used my naked wood TV tray as a place for quotes.

But now, I want to keep a notebook dedicated to gratitude quotes. I will sort them according to the author’s last name. I even have a place to keep the notebook and pen.

Your Turn …

  • If you collect quotes where do you keep them?
  • Do you have a gratiude quote notebook?
  • Please share a favourite quote or a recent in the comments.

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