Apps Make it Easy to Document Gratitude

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On this 22nd Day of Thanks Living, I choose to use my gratitude app.

There is an app for everything. I.e. Measuring health successes … Keeping on top of financial goals … Mastering language acquisition … Cementing habit formation.

Apps are a wonderful way to stay on track or helping new goals stick.

  • Some apps ding us when it’s time to check in.
  • They provide a convenient place to jot down our stats.
  • They provide motivation.
  • And some apps even have a communal aspect.

So, at the beginning of the month, I researched gratitude apps. I found one that was free and easy to use: Gratitude Garden. It has the following …

  • Dedicated space to list things I am grateful for.
  • I can email this list to myself.
  • I can back this up to iCloud.
  • Every time I post, I get points which can be redeemed to grow/populate my garden.
  • I can receive gratitude cards after I journal. These cards have a gratitude quote and then an action item associated with it.

I am liking this app more than I thought I would. Here are some reasons why.

  1. Easy. I usually know where my phone is and so it is easy to journal. (When I lose my phone, I activate my Tile which helps me find my cell.)
  2. Reminder. To remind myself, I have an alarm set (on my phone) That lets me know when journaling time is.
  3. Small space. Because the space is limited, I don’t feel pressure to write a lot for each “thankful” item.
  4. Accountability. It is my accountability partner. I like looking at the calendar and seeing all the spaces filled in.

I’ve enjoyed going back to reread things that happened these past 3 weeks. It brought a smile and a sense of satisfaction besides more gratitude. I can see myself continuing with this practice.

Your Turn . . .

  • What apps do you already use?
  • What benefit do you most appreciate that apps provide?
  • Consider down loading Gratitude Garden and giving it a go.

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