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On this 29th Day of Thanks Living I chooce to try a professional gratitude journal.

Many of us are still working from home. And while there are benefits to this, there are also drawbacks. There is the following lack: motivation …… social engagement …… work/home life balance …… and people to immediately brainstorm with. Sometimes it is hard to be enthusiastic about starting the day.

Work Gratitude Journal. I’m reading/doing projects from a book titled Crafting Gratitude: Creating and Celebrating Our Business With Hands and Heart by Maggie Shannon. She began implementing a professional gratitude journal once self-employed. Shannon noticed she felt the lacks I mentioned above. Already familiar with journaling gratitude, this idea was a natural progression. She “needed to focus on what was working well.”

Shannon explains her intentions. “I vowed that I would make a point of listing every good thing that occurred with my business each day: a lead, an encouraging phone call, an idea that excited me, even a trip to an office-supply store that yielded the perfect filing container!”

Be picky. To get started, Shannon suggests that we pick a journal that represents our job/business. Think about the colour (of the business or logo), the feel of the cover, and how you’ll personalize it. You’ll want your work journal to feel like “an ongoing invitation to pick it up and list all the things” for which you are grateful for in your work life.

Resolution. Since this is the 29th day of the month and I just read about this tip; I won’t try it in November. Nor will I try it in December as that month (for most of us) is super busy. So I want to do this for one month in 2022. I choose February since I will be on vacation through the first week in January and I want to try this for a full month.

Your Turn . . .

  • What do you think about trying a professional gratitude journal?
  • Will you join me in February? Leave a comment below and I will remind you in mid-January so you have time to personalize a journal.
  • Here is a question from Shannon. “How might the tenor of my day change if I were to mindfully look for five things to be grateful for each day in the pursuit of my profession or passion?”

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